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Pittsburgh/East End-South

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[[Image:Pittsburgh frick park entrance.jpg|thumb|300px|Frick Park Entrance]]
*'''<see name="Chatham University Arboretum''', " alt="" address="Chatham University (''" directions="just south of 5th Ave on Woodland Rd, in North Squirrel Hill''), [" phone="" email="" fax="" url="]. " hours="Free" price="">Estate of the Mellon family, landscaped in part by the Olmsted Brothers (who landscaped Boston Common and New York's Central Park) with many different flowering trees - now part of the grounds of Chatham University. Free.</see>
*'''<see name="Frick Art & Historical Center''', " alt="" address="7227 Reynolds St, ''" directions="" phone="+1 412'' 371-0600, [" email="" fax="" url="]. " hours="Tu-Su 10AM-5PM" price="The grounds, museums, and greenhouse are free, tours of Clayton are $12 adults, $10 seniors, $6 children. ">A complex of museums and historic buildings including: Clayton (the home of industrialist and art collector Henry Clay Frick), the Frick Art Museum, the Car and Carriage Museum, and the Greenhouse. The grounds, museums, and greenhouse are free, tours of Clayton are $12 adults, $10 seniors, $6 children.</see>
*'''<see name="Frick Park''', " alt="" address="to the east of Squirrel Hill, [" directions="" phone="" email="" fax="" url="]. " hours="" price="">A wonderful wooded park (and Pittsburgh's largest) with a network of trails ideal for walking the dog or bicycling. There are several entrances to the park, the main ones being at Reynolds St and Homewood Ave (across the street from the Frick Art & Historical Center) at the north end of the park, Beechwood Blvd just south of Forbes Ave and at Nicholson St on the west side of the park, and at Forbes and Braddock Avenues on the east side of the park. From any of the entrances you'll head down shady, wooded slopes to a small valley which runs south to the '''Nine Mile Run Watershed''', where a small stream flows into the Monongahela River. The '''Frick Environmental Center''', off of Beechwood Blvd just south of Forbes Avenue, hosts nature programs for children and has a small pond and a woodland area for wildlife viewing. There is also a pair of excellent playgrounds in the park, one at Beechwood Blvd and Nicholson St and the other at Forbes and Braddock Avenues, along with softball fields and tennis courts.</see>
*'''<see name="Homewood Cemetery''', " alt="" address="1599 S Dallas Ave (''" directions="north of Frick Park''), ''" phone="+1 412'' 421-1822, [" email="" fax="" url="]. " hours="" price="">A large cemetery founded in the mid 1800's. While not a tourist attraction like the old cemeteries of New Orleans or Paris, Homewood houses many ornate mausoleums, statues and memorial edifices.</see>
*'''<see name="Pittsburgh Center For the Arts''', " alt="" address="6300 5th Ave, ''" directions="" phone="+1 412'' 361-0873, [" email="" fax="" url="" hours="" price=""></index.php].see>
* '''<see name="Rodef Shalom Synagogue''', " alt="" address="4905 5th Ave, Oakland ''" directions="" phone="+1 412'' 621-6566, [" email="" fax="" url="]. " hours="" price="">A biblical-themed garden.</see>
*'''<see name="Roslyn Place''', " alt="" address="off of Ellsworth Avenue Ave just east of Aiken AvenueAve, Shadyside. " directions="" phone="" email="" fax="" url="" hours="" price="">Turn of the century wood paved street built in 1914, lined with restored houses.</see>
*'''<see name="Schenley Park''', [" alt="" address="" directions="" phone="" email="" fax="" url="]. " hours="" price="">A 456-acre park is a haven for exercisers, sunbathers, and anyone who appreciates beautiful green space. On Sunday and Wednesday nights during the summer, a free movie is shown on Flagstaff Hill in the park, next to the Carnegie Mellon campus. There is a network of trails running through the park, a couple of which run to '''Panther Hollow Lake''', a small lake just south of Phipps Conservatory. A trail runs to the lake from the park visitor center across the street from the conservatory. There's also a couple of playgrounds, a golf course, a skating rink, a swimming pool, and a disc golf course. '''Schenley Plaza''' [], across from the Cathedral of Learning and the Carnegie Library, features snack stands, a carousel, and free wi-fi internet access.</see>**'''<see name="Phipps Conservatory''', " alt="" address="1 Schenley DriveDr, Oakland, ''" directions="" phone="+1 412'' 622-6914, [" email="" fax="" url="]. " hours="Sa-Th 9:30AM-5PM, F 9:30AM-10PM. " price="$10 adults, $9 seniors/students, $7 children, children under 2 free">A glass conservatory with gorgeous indoor and outdoor floral displays. There are 14 indoor rooms and several outdoor gardens, each with unique garden designs and excellent assortments of plants. There's also quite a bit of colorful sculpture throughout, decorating the already lush indoor displays. $10 adults, $9 seniors</students, $7 children, children under 2 free.see>
*'''<see name="Schenley High School''', " alt="" address="4101 Bigelow Blvd. " directions="" phone="" email="" fax="" url="" hours="" price="">A historic high school built in 1916 and noted for its unique triangular shape. The school is a on the National Registry of Historic Places and was the first school in the United States to cost more than a million dollars to construct.</see>
*'''<see name="Soldiers and Sailors Museum''', " alt="" address="4141 5th Ave, Oakland (''" directions="across the street from Pitt campus''), ''" phone="+1 412'' 621-4253, [" email="" fax="" url="]. " hours="M-Sa 10AM-4PM. " price="$5 adults, $3 seniors/veterans/children, children 5 and under free">The museum explores the evolution of equipment and technology as well as the effects that military conflicts have had on society, honoring and educating about the sacrifices made during wartime. $5 adults, $3 seniors</see> * <see name="Warhola House" alt="" address="3252 Dawson St" directions="" phone="" email="" fax="" url="" hours="" price="">This is the home where Andy Warhol lived for 15 years with his family, children 5 and under freewhere he developed much of his interest in the art that would later make him famous. The house was purchased by the Warhola Family in 2005 after decades of ownership by various other tenants. Since its purchase, it has undergone continuous restoration in order to preserve it as a historic site.</see>
===The Carnegie===
A large complex along Forbes Avenue between Craig Street and Schenley Plaza holds the Carnegie Museums as well as the Main Carnegie Library and a music hall.
*'''<see name="Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh - Main''' [" alt="" address="" directions="" phone="" email="" fax="" url="]. " hours="" price="">Andrew Carnegie funded 2,507 libraries all over the world. Today, his 19 libraries here in Pittsburgh comprise the city's public library system. Newly renovated and welcoming, the Oakland branch is Pittsburgh's central library, with vast collections of not only printed matter, but also music, film, photographs, and more.</see>
====Carnegie Museums of Art and Natural History====
[[Image:Trex carnegie museum pittsburgh.jpg|right|thumb|300px|T. Rex, Carnegie Museum of Natural History]]
4400 Forbes AvenueAve, ''+1 412'' 622-3131. Museum of Art, []. Museum of Natural History, []. Tu-W, F-Sa 10AM-5PM, Th 10AM-8PM, Su noon-5PM (''open Mondays July 4th-Labor Day, 10AM-5PM''). $15 adults, $12 seniors, $11 students/children, children under 3 Free (''admission includes entry to both museums'').
A main attraction in Oakland and a highlight for any visit to Pittsburgh, these two museums sit in different wings of the same building, but blend together well and have a wealth of treasures.
*'''Jay's Bookstall''', 3604 Fifth Ave., ''+1 412'' 683-2644. M-Th 10AM-5:30PM, F 10AM-5PM, Sa 10AM-3PM.
*'''Jerry's Records''', 2136 Murray Ave., []. More vinyl of all genres than you've probably ever seen in one place.
*'''Pitt Paraphernalia''' as with any college or university, check out the school '''Book Center''' [] and '''The Pitt Shop''' [] near the Cathedral of Learning for t-shirts, hoodies, magnets, and other souvenirs. On the upper campus, near the medical center, merchandise can also be obtained at the '''Pittsburgh Panthers Team Store''' [] inside the lobby of the '''Petersen Events Center'''.Discount Pittsburgh Panthers Apparel can be found at '''Pitt Panther Clothes''' []
*<buy name="Tea Pittsburgh Margarets Fine Imports" alt="" address="5872 Forbes Ave" directions="Near the intersection of Forbes and Shady" phone="412-422-1606" url="" hours="mon-sat 11-7, sun 12-5" price="low" lat="" long="">A vast assortment of loose and bagged teas, over 400 at last count. A wonderful place to buy gifts mostly imported: teapots, chocolates, coffees, cookies, aprons, even cosmetics and corporate gift baskets. The best smelling store in Squirrel Hill/Pittsburgh. Ships using USPS.</buy>
[[Image:Walnut_St.JPG|right|thumb|300px|Walnut Street in Shadyside]]
*'''Essie's Original Hot Dog Shop''', 3901 Forbes Ave, ''+1 412'' 621-7388. Late hours. Better known as "the O". Originally opened across the street from Forbes Field, this place is notable for its cheap, extremely greasy food. You can get giant piles of greasy french fries for cheap, and the hot dogs and pizza are great too. If you are in Oakland, you should at least try the fries to say you have been there. The place is pretty cramped and quite filthy; you don't want to use the bathroom. It has a reputation for being dangerous (a lot of people come here after drinking), but there is always at least one cop there at all times. Cash only.
*'''Dave & Andy's Homemade Ice Cream''', 207 Atwood St, ''+1 412'' 681-9906. Their ice cream, made right on the premises, is continually ranked as the best in the city and has been recognized as one of the Top 10 in the nation by USAToday.
*<eat name="Pittsburgh Cafe" alt="" address="226 Meyran Ave." directions="Heart of OAKLAND Pitt Campus" phone="412-687-3331" url="" hours="10am-2am" price="$8-$10" lat="" long="">Pittsburgh Cafe is known for their enormous homemade pierogies, made from scratch gnocci, famous cafe chicken wings, build your own sandwiches and weekend brunch. Menu includes homemade appetizers such as fried zucchini and peperoni rolls. Huge beer selection, wine and spirits.</eat>
*'''Uncle Sam's Subs''', 210 Oakland Avenue, ''1+412'' 621-1885, This classic Pitt sub shop specializes in cheesesteaks. Originating at this location, Uncle Sam's has expanded to across the city.
*'''Union Grill''', 413 S Craig St, ''+1 412'' 681-8620. Classic American Food - burgers, desserts and other American food. This place can get really crowded at lunch time.
*'''Taiwan Cafe''', 3725 Forbes Ave, ''+1 412'' 687-6288. Excellent, cheap Chinese Taiwanese food and there's always seems to be a group of Chinese Asian students inside enjoying a meal. They also have a huge selection of beer.
*'''India Garden''', 328 Atwood St, ''+1 412'' 682-3000, []. India Garden is probably the most famous Indian restaurant in Pittsburgh. The food is really good, but the service isn't always the best and the Servers aren't always fluent in English. The restaurant is generally loud, with two TV sets playing Bollywood music videos while Hindi pop music blasts from the speakers. The half off specials between 4PM-6PM, 10PM-1AM, are just awesome and they have a buffet at lunch from 12PM-3PM.
*'''Star of Iuva India''', 412 S Craig St (''near the Carnegie museums''), ''+1 412'' 681-5700. It is across the street from an Indian grocery store.
*'''Tamarind''', 257 N Craig St, ''+1 412'' 605-0500, []. Further away from the campuses in an old Victorian house, specializing in south Indian fare. They offer a very good lunch buffet daily. Closed Mondays.
*<eat name="Legume" alt="" address="214 N Craig St" directions="" phone="+1-412-621-2700" url="" hours="" price="" lat="" long="">French restaurant in Oakland focusing on locally-sourced ingredients. On the shortlist for best restaurant in the city, with a great bar serving craft cocktails. Menu changes daily. $2 valet parking in the garage across the street.</eat>*'''Mad Mex''', 370 Atwood Street, ''+1 412'' 681-5656, []. Great food. Food is half off from 11pm-1am. Decent Mexican foodbut it's not too authentic. The employees are mostly punk types while the crowd is usually yuppie. Warning: one of the only restaurants in the city to refuse to serve alcohol to anyone at a table with someone under 21.
*'''Mi Ranchito''', 346 Atwood Street, ''+1 412'' 586-7304. Great, authentic, Mexican food. Half off 10pm-12am. Also has a bar open until 2am.
*'''Veracruz''', 3715 Forbes, ''+1 412'' 688-0766. Frequented by students for its inexpensive Mexican food, with a focus on beans.
*'''Aiello's''', 2112 Murray Ave, ''+1 412'' 521-9973, []. In contention for the best pizza in the Burgh, along with Mineo's next door. It's a local favorite, and is a common hang out for many nearby high school students. The pepperoni rolls are to die for, loaded with parm. It has a classic Italian pizzeria atmosphere with friendly and personable staff. They are open till 2AM so you can always grab a cut to go.
*<eat name="Mineo's" alt="" address="2128 Murray Ave, Squirrel Hill" directions="" phone="+1 412-521-9864" url="" hours="" price="" lat="" long="">Another local favorite pizza place, rival of nearby Aiello's</eat>
*'''Bangkok Balcony''', 5846 Forbes Ave, ''+1 412'' 521-0728. Pittsburgh has many Thai options; this, along with sister restaurant '''Silk Elephant''' (around the corner at 1712 Murray) is probably the best in this part of the city.*'''Chaya Japanese Cuisine''', 2032 Murray Ave, ''+1 412'' 422-2082, []. Amazingly good sushi, worth every penny. One of the few places in the country where you will find wasabi made from fresh wasabi root instead of powder; the waiter will proudly show you the root if you ask. Word of warning: its capacity is tiny, and don't expect to be acknowledged as you wait for a table.
*'''Eat 'n Park''', 1816 Murray Ave, ''+1 412'' 422-7203, []. Family-friendly local chain. Fair prices, friendly service, and their trademark smiley cookie. Many only eat here when they have to (i.e. after the bars close) but others eat here by choice. Open 24 hours.
*'''Gluuteny''', 1923 Murray Ave, ''+1 412'' 521-4890. A not-to-be-missed bakery for those with celiac disease, wheat allergies, or dairy allergies. Their brownies were recently named the best in town by ''Pittsburgh Magazine''. They also sell bread, pizza crusts, cupcakes, coffee cakes, tarts, and baking mixes. Call ahead for special requests; popular items sometimes sell out before the end of the day.
*'''Gullifty's Restaurant''', 1922 Murray Avenue, ''+1 412'' 521-8222. []. A varied menu and Pittsburgh's Best Desserts 22 years running. not only do they have award winning desserts, but delicious entrées as well. They have been offering live jazz many nights, it simply sets a lovely environment to wine and dine.
*'''Milky Way''', 2120 Murray Ave, ''+1 412'' 421-3121. This vegetarian restaurant has an assortment of pizzas. They have many salads and make a great falafel. The best part about it is that it is kosher. For any people who keep religious eating habits, this would be the place to go.
*<eat name="Mediterranean Grill" alt="" address="5824 Forbes Ave, Squirrel Hill" directions="" phone="+1 412-521-5505" url="" hours="" price="" lat="" long="">A nondescript entry hides a hole-in-the-wall restaurant below the street level. The menu is predominately Lebanese, but contains a variety of foods in a range of prices. BYOB.</eat>
*'''Rose Tea Cafe''', 5874 1/2 Forbes Ave, ''+1 412'' 421-2238. Taiwanese cuisine drawing a sizable Chinese clientele. Excellent and inexpensive, though seating is limited. Delivery available within a small radius.
*'''Elbow Room''', 5744 1/2 Ellsworth Ave., ''+1 412'' 441-5222, []. Try the mixed fritters and fries plate.
*'''Harris Grill''', 5747 Ellsworth Ave., ''+1 412'' 362-5273, []. Try the pork shank.
*'''La Casa''', 5884 Ellsworth Ave., ''+1 412'' 441-3090, []. Spanish and Moroccan tapas restaurant with an excellent bar. Go during nice weather and sit on the back patio.
*'''Mercurio's Mulberry Creamery''', 5523 Walnut St., ''+1 412'' 621-6220, []. Outstanding multi-award winning gelateria. Recently started serving delicious wood-fired Neapolitan-style pizza and antipasti.
*'''Prantl's Bakery''', 5525 Walnut St., ''+1 412'' 621-2092, []. Excellent baked goods, low prices.
*'''Soba''', 5847 Ellsworth Ave., ''+1 412'' 362-5656, []. Part of the popular Big Burrito fine-dining empire, serving pan-Asian cuisine.
*'''Hemingways''', 3911 Forbes Ave., ''+1 412'' 621-4100, []. $1 Miller Lites, microbrew selection, combined with the food, great place to drink. A lot of girls. Usually so packed during the school year it's hard to order a drink...or even move. As with many places in the U.S. don't be fooled by the $1 draft drink specials as you're getting a small plastic cup of beer, not a pint. Pay attention to happy hour specials. Half of food (on a special menu) 11am-11:45am, appetizers 2pm-4pm, half of food (on a special menu) 9pm-Midnight.
*'''Gene's Place''', 3616 Louisa St., ''+1 412'' 682-9213. Really cheap drinks ($3 mixed, $2-3 22oz beers, $5.50 pitchers). Some microbrews. No food. College neighborhood bar. If you are looking to drink cheap, here is the place.
*'''61c Cafe''', 1839 Murray Ave., ''+1 412'' 521-6161, []. Named for the bus of the same name that stops nearby. Pretty good coffee, friendly baristas - one of the hipper spots to hang out, usually full of grad students. Free wifi. Warning: there are only 2 outlets for laptops, and they are in high demand.
*'''Coffee Tree''', 5840 Forbes Ave. (''Squirrel Hill''), ''+1 412'' 422-4427; 5524 Walnut St. (''Shadyside''), ''+1 412'' 621-6880; []. A combination coffee wholesaler/café, with a relaxed atmosphere and particularly good cakes, but it's a little pricey. The internet is also only available in hour increments.
*'''Kiva Han''', 420 S Craig St., ''+1 412'' 687-6355. Probably the most alternative coffee shop in Pittsburgh, covered in flyers advertising everything from free yoga classes to Food, Not Bombs to local shows. Nice coffee and Italian sodas, but their food is really decent, too. Try the Hangover Special, a breakfast burrito. Wi-fi doesn't have a time limit.
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