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Get In
==Get In==
You can see the [[Mongolian transportation]] page.One daily night train leaving at 20:20 from Ulaanbaatar, arriving at 08:00. Four coaches daily, mini-vans and car service from [[Ulaanbaatar]]'s Dragon coach station (West of the town, on Peace avenue). First class train is about USD20. Dining car on the train with Mongolian food, fruit juice, cokessoft drinks, beer, snacks etc..The third class ("common") train is the cheapest way to go to Erdenet: 6 ,800 MNT in September 2010. Mini-vans will then drive you from the station to the city centre (8 km from the station) for 800 MNT (September 2010). Coaches go from Ulaanbaatar for 11 000 MNT (September 2010) and can take more for extra luggage.
The highway road is paved all the way from Ulaanbaatar, but it is two lane and not well maintained. Some people avoid the car and mini-van services because the drivers tend to drive too fast and there are many accidents.
It is possible to bicycle, but watch out for speeding cars.
It is possible to visit the '''open copper mine''', the biggest copper mine in Asia, take your passport. There is also a museum of the mine.<br/>
If you are there before Naadam, go and see the '''archers training''' in Naadam's field, south of the city centre. There are also a few trainings after Naadam. No training if it rains. In winter, hardly no training and, when they take place, it's inside. In springtime there are usually once a week, intensifying as national Naadam is approaching.<br/>
Enjoy the ''soviet city'' centre built from nothing for the sake of the mine in the 1970's. Many buildings colors and many trees are posterior to the soviet period, as well as a few buildings with glass-wall (usually banks).<br/>
There is a ''musical fountain'' in the city centre (set in 2009), with music at certain times.<br/>
See one of the 2 two small ''temples'' in the North of the city centre, if you've not seen any before.<br/>
The ''countryside'' is close by. Just walk 20&nbsp;min to the North of the city, and you'll hopefully see sheep, goats, a shepherd on horse. If, instead of 20&nbsp;min, you walk 40&nbsp;min, the probability not to see any is low (except at night). The so-called "ger districts", with more houses than gers, is also nearby. Some families live there a semi-urban semi-rural life: following the cattle on the evening, you'll be lead to a small farm in a street. If you're lucky, you may find someone bringing back home something heavy from the city centre at day fall: propose to help him/her and you're likely to be invited to drink a tea (specially if it's an adult): an opportunity to see one of these small houses with no running water but with electricity.<br/>
If you want to go back home with a Mongolian carpet, this is the place. There are small ones. [ Erdenet carpet ] was one of the first ISO&nbsp;9001 certified companies in the country.
There are many restaurants in the downtown area. Including at least two Korean and , one Chinese, one Russian, two vegetarian.
=== Train ===
An experimental web site giving train schedule is [ timetable]. You are supposed to be able to order online, but it doesn't always work.<br/>
One daily train to Ulaanbaatar (leaving at 19:40, arriving at 07:40) and many stops in between, first class to Ulaanbaatar is USD&nbsp;20 on the train, there are lower classes for less, bus is less than the first class train. 6&nbsp;800&nbsp;MNT, 3rd class, in August 2010. This train reaches the town of Blacksmith ([[Darkhan (city)]]) by night at 0:35, for 54&nbsp;000100&nbsp;MNT (3rd class, December 2009January 2011). You can take there an international train to Russia or China, or a national train to Northern Mongolia.<br/>
Trains go each and every day of the year, including on national holidays, except if the government has decided a temporary ban on public transportation against any epidemic (last one against the propagation of virus H1N1, lifted in November 2009).
The train station is 8&nbsp;km East of the city. You can buy your train ticket there or in another ticket office downtown near the coach station. The latter charges 200 extra MNT. To go to the station, be at any bus stop in the main avenue (Сүхбаатар гудамж, Sùhbaatar street) at least 40&nbsp;min before the train departure and wait for a mini-bus with someone shouting "Вокзал, вокзал" ("Vokzal, vokzal": "Station, station"). They will charge 800&nbsp;MNT (September 2010).<br/>
=== Coaches ===
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