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County Londonderry

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The common language of Northern Ireland is English, however Irish maybe spoken in certain areas, it is not necessary to understand Irish to get by. It is best to be respective to both cultures (Nationalist and Unionist) in Londonderry, and it is wise not to refer to Londonderry as such in largely Nationalist areas, particularly at night - with simply Derry the preferred, safe term.
==Get in==
By far the easiest way to Londonderry is by road access from throughout Ireland (Northern Ireland to the East and South) and the Republic Of Ireland (the near West - Donegal). There is also an international airport offering both seasonal and scheduled flights. There are frequent bus services from various locations throughout Ireland (see Bus Eireann) and there is also a less frequently used rail service from Belfast.
==Get around==
* '''Derry Self Catering Holiday Cottages''' (''12 holiday cottages located throughout the beautiful Derry countryside, along the coast and further inland ''). [] Great self catering accommodation in Co. Derry
==Get out==
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