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Siem Reap

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Get out
==Get out==
The story about scam busses from Bangkok to Siem Reap is well known, however the same thing happens in the opposite direction. A pickup from your hotel (between 7am and 7.30 am) brings you to a busstop in Siem Reap. A bigger bus (8 am, not very comfortable) will bring you to Poipet on the cambodian side of the border. It will stop for 15 minutes at a small shop and restroom. Just 5km before the border it will stop again, for a full hour at a restaurant (at 11am this is quite early for lunch). You will get a new guy on the bus that says he will take you across the border into a new bus. He takes your ticket (make sure you keep it) and replaces it with a sticker (red, white, yellow). The guy actually takes the group across the border and there tries to pursuade some people to take other busses that will take them faster to their destination (pay extra of course). Then suddenly the guy takes off and the group will wait for about 1 hour before noticing that he is not coming back. Another guy will then bring you to a pickup truck (or something similar) and drop you at a restaurant in Aranyapratet on the Thai side of the border. They will tell you the bus is an hour late due to cleaning (pickup should be 2.30 am). Whether this bus will ever arrive is unknown.
Best way to do this travel is with a private van, minibus or local bus to Poipet (2.5 hrs). Then walk across the border with your luggage. On the thai side there are taxi's that charge around 1900 baht to bring you straight to Bangkok. Sharing a taxi might be a good idea to bring down the costs. Another possibility is to take a tuktuk to the busstation in Aranyapratet (about 10 minutes from the border) and find a local bus from there. Be sure to ask if there are different busses (VIP, express, etc), some might be faster than others. Busses should leave regularly. There are at least busses departing at 1pm and 2.30pm. Due to traffic near Bangkok this trip takes between 4-6 hrs.
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