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Wikitravel:Offline reader Expedition

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The '''Offline Reader Expedition''' is a Wikitravel [[Wikitravel:Expeditions|Expedition]] to make it possible to download and use Wikitravel articles off-line (not connected to the Internet), especially on a personal digital assistant (PDA).
This offline reader is now available: open-source [ OxygenGuide]offline reader works on Androids, Kindles, and numerous other devices.
There is also a plucker (.pdb) continent-by-continent offline eBook download available at: The iPhone/iPod Touch app [ tripsteps.comoffline-wikitravel/ebookid354762531?mt=8 Offline Wikitravel], a complete snapshot of Wikitravel, is available on the App Store.
The (free) Android/iPhone/iPod Touch app [ iTravelFree] allows you to download any number of Wikitravel pages to your device for later offline access, among other features. A plucker (.pdb) continent-by-continent offline eBook download is available at: [] iPhone and iPod Touch users that have with a jailbroken device can install an [ English Wikitravel dump] ''(Mar 2010, 39MB)'' in [ wiki2touch] for full offline access.

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