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Chiang Khong

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'''{{pagebanner|Chiang Khong''' (เชียงของ) is a town in [[Chiang Rai Province]], [[Northern Thailand]]banner.jpg}}
==Understand=='''Chiang Khong ''' (เชียงของ) is a small town in [[Chiang Rai Province]], [[Northern Thailand]]. It is mainly visited as a stop-off point en-route to Lao, and is the Thai counterpart to the [[Laos|Lao]] border town of [[Huay Xai]], just across the Mekong.  In mid-December 2013 a new bridge (the fourth Thai-Lao friendship bridge) was opened across the Mekong linking Chiang Khong is to Huay Xai (aka Ban Houayxay) in the Lao province of Bokeo, replacing the previous ferry crossing. The Bridge has not been kind to CK as now many tourists travel between Laos and CR without the need for an overnight stop in CK Following the opening of this bridge a smallnew bus route has started running from Chiang Rai through Chiang Khong to Bokeo. Chiang Khong to Bo Keo via the bridge takes around four hours and costs 130 Baht/7500 kip. The highway (and buses) continues to Luang Namtha and to the Chinese border at the Boten-Mohan checkpoint. Each month more and more cafe's, sleepy town with one main road bars and no night liferestaurants are opening as many close. They are all within walking distsnce of each other, in the village center. The village gained some modest fame by being the home of British cyclist Alan Bate, who broke the Guinness World Record for the fastest circumnavigation of the Earth by bicycle in 2010. It Though there have been recent unsubstantiated challenges to his claim, it being suggested that some of the journey was taken by pick up truck ! In the village he has a Friday marketopened the "The Hub pub",the free to enter,"Hub bicycle museum", a lot and the "Funky Box Hostel". All situated in Soi 2. The interesting thing to note about Chiang Khong is ethnic diversity of templesthe local Laotian, Thai and Hill tribes, a craft village with a busy market which results in three separate calenders and a templevariety of festivals held throughout the year.  The best time to visit is from October through to January, or on the Thai New year festival of Song Kran in April 18 Giant Catfish Festival when baby giant catfish . Most reviews are taken to the Mekong totally out of date, so come and spend a day or two in Chiang Khong and be suprised!
== Get in ==
'''Buses''' arrive from From [[Chiang RaiBangkok]] every 30 minutes [ Nok Air] offers twice daily flight+minivan service from 5Bangkok to Chiang Khong v.00 AM v. by flying with Nok Air from Bangkok to 16.00 PM Chiang Rai and other major cities in [[North_transferred on a minivan to Chiang Khong (Thailandapprox travel time: 3 hours)|Northern Thailand]] and . This can be booked directly from their website. From [[IsaanBangkok]][http://www. Daytime and Sombat Tour Company] have overnight buses run directly from Mor Chit, leaving at 7pm and arriving in Chiang Khong at 7am. The price is 592 baht. If you don't speak Thai it may be easier to arrange this through a tourist agency. From [[Bangkok#Northern_Bus_Terminal|Bangkok's Northern Bus Terminal Huay Xai]] in Laos by a short ferry trip (10,000 Kip) across the Mekong (6am to 6pm). UPDATE as of Jan 2014: the boat crossing is no longer open to foreigners. The only crossing is at the new border/bridge 10 KM south of town. From Huay Xai town or bus station a songthaw/minibus to the border is 10,000/15,000 kip. Once you pass Laos Immigration you can take a shuttle bus the 2KM to Thai immigration for 25 Baht.If you are travelling by bicycle please note it is not allowed to cycle over the friendship bridge. You also have to take a bus, transporting your bike on the bus costs 100B per bike. The price is fixed, but it might be possible that you only pay for the transport of your bicycle without having to pay extra for your own ticket- (Moh Chitso it will be 100 B instead of 125B per person + bicycle). The bicycle will be transported inside the bus. From Thai immigration a tuk tuk to Chiang Kong is 50 Baht with min 4 people, more for less than 4 people. If you are coming by the main highway, heading for [[Laos]] , there is no need to go till the last stop. Ask to drop you at the crossroad to the Friendship Bridge 4 (5km before [[Chiang Khong every day]]), and then walk/hitchhike/tuk-tuk remaining 2km to the border. There are also 5 overnight 4 buses per day from Moh Chit which leave at 19the close by new bus station to Huay Xai (see Get Out). Tuk-tuk drivers will try to charge especially high rates since they know you have little option. According to Thai border officials the border does not close until 22.00 pm and arrive at Chiang Khong PM.Yes, the next morning at 8border time schedule write down 22.00 am, and PM. but the truth you can not crossing Bridge after 8pm no bus runs over the bridge. And after 4 PM. Every one daytime bus which leaves Moh Chit at 7must pay over time for Laos immigration.00 am Price of the Guesthouse and arrives Food in Chiang Khong at 20is much cheaper than Houy Xai.00 pmCoz every things from there buy every things from Chiang Khong to Laos.
If you travel from Chiang Mai to Chiang khong and you want to visit Chiang Rai one day tour by motorbike to visit White temple and black temple and then jump to the red bus to Chiang khong price 65 baht only and take 2 hours, must catch bus before 3 PM. from Chiang Rai to Chiang Khong. And stay at Chiang Khong for one night before go to Laos. The slow boat departure time 11.00 PM. every day.
From [[Huay XaiChiang Mai]] in Laos by minibus for 250 baht, by [ green bus] (departure 8.30am, 1pm and 5pm) for about 200 baht or by public bus is a short ferry trip 150-270 bath. More buses go to [[Chiang Rai]] for 94-263 baht (10,000 Kip3-4h) across where it is easy to take a bus to Chiang Khong. From [[Chiang Rai]] the Mekong red non AC local buses go regularly (6am mostly every half hour) from 5.00 AM to 6pm)15.45 PM. (Same in reverse direction. Thai Immigration here seems [[Chiang Khong]] to [[Chiang Rai]] leave hourly for direct route from 0500 to 1500 whereas [[Chiang Khong]] to [[Chiang Rai]] via [[Mae Phong]] leave hourly from 0430 to lack both computers 1545. The trip takes 2-3 hours and cost 65 baht and the annoying cameras now installed is good excellent and inexpensive way to experience real Thai life. By bus from other major cities in [[North_(Thailand)|Northern Thailand]] and [[Isaan]]. Daytime and overnight buses run directly from [[Bangkok#Northern_Bus_Terminal|Bangkok's airport Northern Bus Terminal (Moh Chit)]] to Chiang Khong every day. There are also 5 overnight buses from Moh Chit which leave at 19.00 pm and arrive at Chiang Khong the next morning at 8.00 am, and one daytime bus which leaves Moh Chit at 7.00 am andarrives in Chiang Khong at 20.00 pm. From [[Chiang Khong]] to [[Bangkok]] buses depart from two different locations, consequentlybut all nearly at the same time - 3-4 pm, arriving Bangkok early morning next day. First location (Green Bus) is extremely quickjust opposite the fresh market and 7Eleven, where the buses to [[Chiang Rai]] start. The ferry They have only 1st class buses, cheapest at 688 baht. Second location is at 999 bus company, about 500 m walking on the northern end of main road towards Laos/Chiang Khong: if you want to move Rai, just before the bridge, on without stopping in the city it right side of the road. They have 2nd class bus departing at 15:15, fare is relatively easy to make independent travel arrangements 535. The bus conditions are almost the same with various vehicle operators1st class, just the ticket price would not include some junk food. Tickets sell out quickly, especially for 2nd class. Usually after buying ticket, or you can walk into town to drop your bag at the bus stationcompany. Minibuses for The Green Bus company also has few buses a day to [[Chiang Mai are available for 250 baht]]. There  New bus station is also constructed 4km outside of the "green bus" making many stops city, closer to Chiang Mai for about 200 bahtthe Lao border.This is a bit of a white elephant...largely unused, but occupying a huge site.
== Get around ==
*** The riverfront area can be seen '''on foot''' but it's worth getting a '''tuk-tuk''' or '''taxi''' crossing by river to Laos (Old check point f immigration is no more for the trip out passport control, must go to the bus stationFriendship Bridge). Small ferries cross Chiang khong is getting more quiet after the river every few minutes for about 20 baht (5bridge is open on December 11,000 kip)2013. The border Bridge is make the tourist crossing closes Mekong to Laos more easy, just Bus drop at 18:00the main street in front of Bridge then Tuk Tuk bring every one to Bridge. Chiang Khong no more future of Back packers or Traveller to stay. Small Thai town but a lot of Hotel and Guest house in Chiang Khong not have to book, ton of place to stay just walk in and reasonable price for room every where. food is cheap and local is very friendly around town. Tuk Tuk is very expensive.
The riverfront area can be seen '''on foot''' but it's worth getting a '''tuk-tuk''' or '''taxi''' for the trip out to the bus station. Small ferries cross the river every few minutes for about 40 baht (10,000 kip). The border crossing closes at 18:00. If you want to look around Chiang Khong the best way is rent a bike or motorbike to visit local villages and the banks of the Mekong.Bicyles can be rented from the Hub Pub for 100 baht per day. Motorbikes (manual & automatic) can be rented for 200 baht a day (which also includes a basic map) from the Baan Fai Guesthouse.
== See ==
[[Image:The_hub_bicycle_museum.jpg|thumb|upright=1.5|The Hub Bicycle Museum]]
Chiang Khong is often passed through by hordes of tour buses from Chiang Mai on the way to Laos but seldom visited and definitely overlooked. Like many border towns it is bustling with trade yet is tourist friendly without being shamelessly commercial. The pace of life is easy going for the most part (curiously, unlike other parts of the country the tuk-tuk drivers don't hassle you) and although it could be said that there is little to do in the town itself but if you are willing to rent a bike or car and travel approximately 60 km you can visit the Opium Museum in the Golden Triangle and the various towns, temples and Hill Tribe villages along the way.
=== Inside Town ===
* '''Ban Thai Lue (Ban Hat Bai)''' on the way to Chiang Saen far from Chiang Khong 30 km. is weaving village, very interesting to visit by motorbike, Road along Mekong is stunning view, must see.
* <see name="Chinese Nationalist Soldier cemetery" alt="" address="" directions="just outside Chiang Khong on the way to the Golden Triangle" lat="" long="" phone="" tollfree="" email="" fax="" url="" hours="" price=""></see>
* '''Giant catfish museum''' on south of town close to Baanrimtaling Guesthouse 200 meter. The fisherman boats park along Mekong there. Jump with them to visit the Mekong for one hour. Nice to see local living there.
* <see name="The Hub Bicycle Museum" alt="" address="Tedsaban Soi 2" directions="less than 1 km north of the city center, look for the signs along the main road" phone="+66827651839" url="" hours="4pm - late night" price="Entry free" lat="20.267401" long="100.404364" tollfree="" email="[email protected]" fax="">Alan Bate, Guinness World Record holder for the fastest circumnavigation of the earth by bicycle, has an interesting collection of different bicycles and related things. Adjacent to The Hub Pub and Funky Box Hostel. Coordinates: N20.267401, E100.404391. </see>
* H'mong Village (10 km.)
* Nam Chang Dam for fishing and swimming (7 Km.)
* Thai Lue village with cloth weaving(15 Km.)
* Waterfall (near to H'mong village)
* Thai sauna at Baanrimtaling
* The Chiang Khong Fishery Station is able to inseminate and breed this largest fresh-water fish. Fingerlings bred here have been released in several rivers.
* Learn Thai cooking at Baanrimtaling
* Visit the golden triangle by motorbike - 1 day trip(60 Km.)
* Visit a rustic village near the Mekong Village.
* The Hub -Bike Museum ran by an Professional cyclist Alan bate that has a great selection of bikes you wouldn't see anywhere in the centre of town
* The '''small port''' itself is bustling and you can watch the locals load their sampans with goods of all kind to be ferried to/from Laos.
Temples in Chiang Khong:
* Wat Hou weing
* Wat Tung Duk
* Wat Tung Duk(Old temple only female nun)
=== Outside Town / Day trips ===
Doi Pha Tang, Phu Chi Fa
* <do name="Mountain Viewpoints Daytrip" alt="" address="" directions="" phone="" url="" hours="" price="" lat="20.22825454" long="100.369741" tollfree="" email="" fax="">Rent a motorbike, drive around 60 km to Doi Pha Tang, visit the famous gate of Siam, have breakfast on top of the mountain, drive another 20 km over great mountain road to Phu Chi Fa. Can easily be done in 8 hours. OSM has the locations listed.</do>
* <do name="Nam Chang Dam" alt="" address="" directions="" phone="" url="" hours="" price="" lat="20.22825454" long="100.369741" tollfree="" email="" fax="">A nice (have) day bicycle tour to the dam and the lake for fishing and swimming. The trip is about 7 km one way, goes up and down but with out serious slopes. Take the road south of the 7-Eleven/Bus Stop away from the Mekong. After about 100m (N20° 15.419 E100° 24.294) go left and follow the road around a small hill and then towards the bigger hill.</do>
* <see name="H'mong & Lahu Village" alt="" address="" directions="Take road behind the street of distric offic, turn left at the gas station , follow ~10km" lat="" long="" phone="" tollfree="" email="" fax="" url="" hours="" price="">in the small town of Gyu Gaan. You can visit individually via motorcycle/car or contact 'Asian Oasis' for stays at the Lanjia Lodge inside the village and can arrange tours. The recommended time to visit is after 2pm when the villagers return from the fields.</see>
* <see name="H'mong Waterfall" alt="" address="" directions="near to H'mong village" lat="" long="" phone="" tollfree="" email="" fax="" url="" hours="" price=""></see>
* <do name="Golden Triangle" alt="" address="" directions="" lat="" long="" phone="" tollfree="" email="" fax="" url="" hours="" price="">Visit the [[Golden Triangle]] by motorbike - 1 day trip (60 km). Be aware that this is a lengthy trip to make by a small bike and it advisable to depart no later than 9am to be back before it gets dark at around 5:30pm.</do>
=== Events and Festivals ===
Also of note are the '''Dragonboat competitions''' between the Laotians & Thais during the months of October/November & March/April to celebrate the end of the three month Buddhist lent and the Thai new year. If you're staying close to the riverside during the preceding months you can hear the teams vigorously practising along the Mekhong river in the early morning.
The H'mong also have a variety of '''Pagan festivals''' and (infrequently) hold '''bull fights''' on the weekends, which although brutal sounding the fights themselves are more of a display of strength (imagine a sumo wrestling match) and seldom last more than 15 seconds. Expect to see and hear vigorous gambling!
The Khamu village in the north of the Thai town only 7 Km. have a festival on August. Interesting Festival about the Spirit or Animism of Khmu people.
== Do ==
* <do name="Swim in the Mekong" alt="" address="" directions="Thake the soi south of the Kasikorn Bank to the Mekong" phone="" url="" hours="" price="" lat="20.262071" long="100.408629">There is a small sand beach where it is safe to swim. But don't go too far out. Local here call sunset beach. A lot of kids and parents around here like to practice the kids to swim there.</do>
* Rent a motor bike follow the high way 1129 to Chiang Saen is the highlight of the trip. distance 60 km. only to visit Golden Triangle. Can go and back in one day.
* Visiting a waterfall in Hmong village 10 km. on the west of town. But you need motor bike or bicycle.
* Relaxing time of the day is walking along Mekong river, see a local exercise at late afternoon. Running, jogging along Mekong is very nice time. Fantastic!
* Market tour at night if you still not go to bed early this market on the right hand of main street from 7/11 shop near the Bus stop. every night at 11 PM. to early morning market at 6 am. Hmong people and the people on mountain sale all product from their farm.
* Exploring fresh market opposite 7/11 shop try fruits on season and local food before you go to Laos. Price much cheaper than Laos. Coz all friuts from Chiang Khong send to Laos every day.
* warning the street dogs around temple are very aggressive.
* To go to drink at some bar late at night maybe you get problem with officer to check drug.
* To visit a "Pla Buk" The Giant Catfish place in town at Ban Hat Khrai. Just walk 1.5 km from the main street to the south of town. Turn left at traffic light and walk along road of Mekong to Giant Catfish museum close to Ban Hat Khrai, fee to see a picture inside the museum and fish in aquarium is 50 baht. Local fisher man around there to catch fish in Mekong every day. If you want to see how they catch it, jump on boat with local here to Mekong river. Hand language is very useful to communicate with fisherman here.
== Buy ==
There are several ATMs in the town - Kasikorn Bank, GSB, Siam Commercial Bank, Krung Thai Bank and a new machine in front of the 7/11 at the bus station. All banks are closed on Saturday and Sunday but you should be able to use the ATMs. If you are heading to Laos get your money first because there are no ATMs in Huey Xai, though there is a bank near the riverfront. Outside of banking hours it may be possible to cash a traveller's cheque with a local shop or hotel.
There is an ATM are several ATMs in the town - Kasikorn Bank, GSB, Siam Commercial Bank, Krung Thai Bank and a new machine in front of the 7/11 at the bus station. All banks are closed on Saturday and Sunday but you should be able to use the ATMs. If you are heading to Laos get your money here because in Huey Houay Xai which dispenses (Laos KIP. This has been ) the case for several years now. The maximum withdrawal per transaction is 700,000kipand fee for ATM in Laos 50,000 kip per time. Laos currency (kip) can only be officially exchanged inside Laos. Thai banks will not exchange Laos currency. Chiang Khong ATM will not disburse kip. Chiang Khong moneychangers will exchange for a fee. The Laos bank is situated at in Huay Xai and the top of the road leading from the pierATM there will disburse kip. Simply turn left at the top Thai baht and you can miss itUS dollars are readily accepted in Laos. It is called Banque pour le Commerce Exterier Lao and the exact address and contact details are: Huaysay North Village, Huaysay District, Borkeo Province, Tel: (856-084) 212162, 212169, 212171, Fax: (856-084) 212162, 212169, E-mail: [email protected]At good rates.
* Sukhawadee (สุขาวดี) 84/1 Visit a '''small market''' at Baan Hat Krai village to see catfish for sale and some produce from the jungle, for example mushrooms and river weeds from the Mekong.    * '''Weaving village at Ban Had Hat Bai Tel: 0 5365 0975 (''' is interesting to visit and buy cotton)weaving and silk there. Good quality, local hand made. Thai Lue style and long history of Dai from Southern of China. They move away from China long time ago. Mekong river is transportation. The old ladies in this village love to do weaving. By heart, by love. Grand mother name "Sang" 96 years old. But now she can not do weaving, her daughter in law do the job for her.
== Eat ==
* '''Rimnam Guesthouse <eat name="A Youta sponsored eatery" alt="" address="" directions="between Tedsaban Soi 21 and Restaurant''' 166/1 moo 12 [http23" lat="20.25400407" long="100.41091919" phone="" tollfree="" email="" fax="" url="" hours="" price="">A small and cheap vegetarian eatery in a family house. Coordinates:N20° 15.240 E100° 24.655<//wwweat> * <eat name="Vegetarian Food" alt="" address="" directions="" lat="20.27038" long="100.geocities40355" phone="" tollfree="" email="" fax="" url="" hours="" price="~30 baht">A simple eatery whit small buffet and noodle]Coordinates: N20° 16. River view223 E100° 24.213</eat>
* '''Baanrimtaling Home stay & <eat name="Rimnam Guesthouse and Restaurant''' have a Vegetarian food and good Thai curry, call 053-791613, 084-6155490 '''Learning Thai cooking''' How to make Curry, Pad Thai, Tomyam. After cooking you have your own dinner" alt="" address="166/1 moo 12" directions="" lat="" long="" phone="" tollfree="" email="" fax="" url="" hours="" price="">River view.</eat>
* ''' Visit a small market at Baan <eat name="Nang Nuan" alt="นางนวล" address="Ban Hat Krai village to see catfish for sale and some produce from the jungle, for example mushrooms and river weeds from the Mekong.Khrai" directions="" lat="" long="" phone="0 5379 1271" tollfree="" email="" fax="" url="" hours="" price="">Thai food</eat>
*'''Restaurant above Boom Guesthouse <eat name="Bamboo Mexican" alt="" address="" directions="" phone="" url="" hours="" price="" lat="" long="" tollfree="" email="" fax="" Adequate food, quite really friendly owners but not cheap. Half way down main street on river side of the road.</eat> Far better is the Jam house a another 150 metres out of town on the other side of the street''' - Is run for 25 years road. Great Thai food at modest prices served by a very nice wonderful, if eccentric Thai lady who does even some talking with the falangs. And good food too!
*Nang Nuan (นางนวล) Ban Hat KhraiThe most famous coffee shop of the town is "The View" restaurant and a coffee shop with amazing view. It's locate on the north of the town, Tel: 0 5379 1271 (Thai food)on high way no. 1129 same way to Chiang Saen only 10 km. from the down town. The view is great....the prices are even greater!
== Drink ==
A lot of place in Chiang Khong to drink, many bars on street open late at night. the RIN BAR and Chiang Roi is relatively expensive with loud music....bur popular with backpackers eager for burger and chips! Also the restaurant along Mekong is nice to sit and drink beer. Chang beer, Singha beer . There are some reviews on Trip Advisor that it is sensible to check you bill and your change.
* <drink name="RIN BAR"
* <drink name="Chiang Roi Bar"
* <drink name="The Hub Pub" alt="" address="Tedsaban Soi 2" directions="less than 1 km north of the city center, look for the signs along the main road" phone="+66827651839" url="!thepub/c1d72" hours="" price="75-100 baht for drinks, flat 99 baht for food" lat="20.267401" long="100.404364" tollfree="" email="" fax="">Nice European style bar integrated into the Bicycle Museum. Has a happy hour from 12pm to closing and good prices. Offers western style food, too. Facebook: [ TheHubPub]. Coordinates: N20.267401, E100.404391 .</drink> now is change the owner. New guy rent a place from Alan and then he open the new pub again!
* '''Tea-Cha''', a small organic tea & coffee house, is located approximately 3 km from the village (after Gyu Gaan/towards Chiang Saen) serves the most unbelievable chilled & hot beverages for 50-60 baht. The owner is very knowledgeable about the locally grown tea and the surrounding area and will also have the option of homestays in the latter part of 2012/early 2013. Sit back in the comfortable, open air premises and admire the amazing scenery whilst enjoying a hot/cold cuppa of Thailand's finest tea!
There are very few bars as such in Chiang Khong*'''Rin Bar''' is a small bar on main street. a lot of European guests, modest food and loud music. Good place to meet traveler. Your best bet for evening entertainment The owner Khun Rin is a Big Chang beer/Singha Beer at your guesthouse woman.Run by the local. Many years long run. Have a fun time in small Thai town if you need to be with other westeners
* <drink name="Tee Pee Bar" alt="" address="" directions="Near Madam Pub" phone="" email="" fax="" url="" hours="" price="">Best described as '''Chiang Roi''' is a "rat hole" By Jip at the Bamboo Riverside GuesthouseThai owner bar with live music. Offering the standard fare Full of traveller music (Eric Clapton, Bob Marley, Oasis thai and others)Farang. Just locate on main street opposite of Bamboo Maxican food Restaurant. Here nice to hang out.</drink>
== Sleep ==
* '''Bamboo Riverside Guesthouse''' (แบมบู ริเวอร์ไซด์ เกสต์เฮาส์) 71/1 Mu 1 Hua Wiang (Tel: 0 5379 1621 E-mail: [email protected]), 10 rooms: 150-250 baht
Accommodation is wide and varied and you can stay at numerous places within your budget. * '''Ban Fai Guesthouse''' (บ้านฝ้าย เกสต์เฮาส์) 108 Mu <sleep name="Ruan-Thai Sophaphan" alt="" address="83 Moo 8 Ban Wiang KaewSai Klang Rd., Tambol Vieng, Aumpur Chiangkhong, Chiangrai57140" directions="" phone="66053791023" lat="" long="" tollfree="" email="[email protected]" fax="" url="" checkin="" checkout="" price="150-300 Baht">In May 2016 they told me dorm accomodation is also possible possible for 100 baht. Lovely huge wooden house, Tambon Wiang (Telsuper friendly staff, great view over the Mekong. Mobile: 0 5379 1394)080-4970929, 9 rooms081-0350061, Coordinates: 80N20.2673956, E100.4053223</sleep> * <sleep name="Lanjia Lodge" alt="" address="347 Kiewkan village" directions="" phone="" lat="" long="" tollfree="" email="" fax="" url="http://www.asian-150" checkin="" checkout="" price=""></sleep>
* '''Ban Rim Khong''' <sleep name="Funky Box Hostel" alt="" address="Tesaban Soi 202" directions="less than 101 km north of the city center, look for the signs along the main road" phone="+668274565109" url="!hostel/c2300" checkin="10:30am" checkout="flexible" hostel price="20 baht per bed (บ้านริมโขง3 couples can stay in a single bed) 278/." lat="20.264401" long="100.403364" tollfree="" email="[email protected]" fax=""> Was closed at 2016 May. Adjacent to The Hub Pub and from the same owner is the Hostel with a spacious 1600 bed dorm with 1 fans, 3 Mu 7 Ban Had Kraiensuite bathrooms and hard mattresses. Right in the village center and just 1000 meters from the main road. Free WiFi (up to 100 Mbit), Tambon Wiang (Tel: 0 8 1281 9966blankets and towels. Funky bikes to hire for 1,000 baht per day. British cyclist, Alan Bate has great information on what to see and do by bicycle, Tel & Faxin and around Chiang Khong. Pick ups/drops to/from the border for 500 baht. Coordinates:0 5379 1269)N20.15267401, 4 rooms: 200-400 baht E1012404391. </sleep>
* '''<sleep name="Ban Rim Taling''' (บ้านริมตลิ่ง) 99/4 Fai Guesthouse" alt="บ้านฝ้าย เกสต์เฮาส์" address="108 Mu 3 8 Ban Sopsom Wiang Kaew, Tambon Wiang (Tel: 0 " directions="" phone="+66 5379 1613, 08 4615 5490), [http://www1394" lat="" long="" tollfree="" email="" fax="" url="" checkin="" checkout="" price="100-350 baht">9 rooms.baanrimtalingThey are adding new air-conditioned], 10 There is only one room for 100 baht left and most rooms: start at 150 baht with shared bathroom and fan. 3 bed dorm is 100 baht pp. On the river and has a Doi Chang coffee shop with free wifi. The owner claims this guesthouse in Chiang Khong some fifteen years ago. They also rent manual and automatic bikes for 200-450 bahta day and include a basic map of the surrounding area. Room with hot shower, Bungalow, Mekong River viewFree bicycles. 400m from bus stop</7-Eleven towards Wat Sob.sleep>
* '''<sleep name="Ban Tammila''' (บ้านตำมิละ) 113 Rim Khong" alt="บ้านริมโขง" address="278/3 Mu 8 7 Ban Had Krai, Tambon Wiang (Tel & Fax: 0 " directions="" phone="+66 8 1281 9966" lat="" long="" tollfree="" email="" fax="+66 5379 1234), 9 rooms: 1269" url="" checkin="" checkout="" price="200-500 400 baht">4 rooms</sleep>
* '''Boom Guesthouse''' Rooms from 250 baht. But nice style. Everything in wood, including the terasse with view over the mekong.
* <sleep name="Baanrimtaling Guesthouse" alt="บ้านริมตลิ่ง" address="99/4 Mu 3 Ban Sobsom, Tambon Wiang" directions=" phone="+66 8 46155490" email= [email protected] " price="100-450 baht ">28 beds. Rooms, Bungalow and Dorm. ''The lovely Thai manager speaks excellent English''''Chom and provides free information about visiting places around Chiang Khong Guesthouse. Place over looking Mekong river. Wake up with the beautiful Sun rise on Mekong. Good location close to bus stop and daily market of Chiang Khong. Facebook: [] Just walk '''from the bus stop 500 meter to guesthouse at bus stop''' (the traffic light). Mekong River View in front, cozy place and nice river walk. '''Free WiFi''' (up to 100 Mbit), blankets and towels. Popular for Thai to run along Mekong river every late noon. ''Dinner and Breakfast'' both Thai and Western breakfast. They also rent automatic bikes and included a basic map of the surrounding area. Free bicycles. ''Also organize transfer to border every morning'' telwith Song Teaw price 50 baht/person. ''+66Coordinates: 20°15'19.6"N 100°24'-5365566138.8"E Business since Dec.10,2001
* '''Chiang Khong River View Hotel''' 141 Moo 12; tel. ''+66''-53791375 [http:<//] Hot showers, river views, some rooms with air-con. 350-600 baht.sleep>
* '''Nam Khong Gueshouse''' 408 Moo 1; tel. ''+66''-53655102
* '''Rimnam Guesthouse and Restaurant''' 166/1 moo 12 [] 350-500 baht.
* '''SP Guesthouse''' 409 <sleep name="Ban Tammila" alt="บ้านตำมิละ" address="113 Mu 8 Tambon Wiang" directions="" phone="0 5379 1234" lat="" long="" tollfree="" email="" fax="" url="" checkin="" checkout="" price="200-500 baht">9 rooms</sleep> * <sleep name="Chiangkhong Green Inn." alt="" address="89/4 Moo 1; tel2 T. ''Wiang" directions="" phone="+66''-53791767 [53-791009" lat="" long="" tollfree="" email="[email protected]" fax="" url="] " checkin="" checkout="" price="200-1000 baht">Dorms, single , double, triple rooms</sleep> * <sleep name="Boom House" alt="" address="" directions="" phone="" lat="20.270913" long="100.405182" tollfree="" email="" fax="" url="" checkin="" checkout="" price="from 250 baht">Nice style, but be advised to check visiters reviews. Everything in wood, including the terrace with view over the Mekong. Coordinates: N 20° 16.255 E 100° 24.357</sleep> * <sleep name="Rimnam Guesthouse and double Restaurant" alt="" address="166/1 moo 12" directions="" phone="" lat="" long="" tollfree="" email="" fax="" url="" checkin="" checkout="" price="350-500 baht"></sleep> * <sleep name="Chiang Khong River View Hotel" alt="" address="141 Moo 12" directions="" phone="+66-53791375" lat="" long="" tollfree="" email="" fax="" url="" checkin="" checkout="" price="350-600 baht">Hot showers, river views, some roomswith air-con. Nice owner and friendly staff </sleep> * <sleep name="Nam Khong Gueshouse" alt="" address="408 Moo 1" directions="" phone="+66-53655102" lat="" long="" tollfree="" email="" fax="" url="" checkin="" checkout="" price=""></sleep> * <sleep name="Chom Khong Guesthouse" alt="" address="" directions="" phone="+66-53655661" lat="" long="" tollfree="" email="" fax="" url="" checkin="" checkout="" price=""></sleep> * <sleep name="Day Waterfront Hotel" alt="" address="789, Saiklang Rd., Soi 11, Ban Huawiang, T. Wiang" directions="Along the north end of the river road look to the left and one twoyou'll see it on the hill across from 'Boom House'" phone="" lat="" long="" tollfree="" email="" fax="" url="" checkin="" checkout="" price=500-person guest hut1200 baht">Large rooms, overlooks the river, wonderful pleasant hosts. 80Free fast Wifi (10mbit), free self-serve morning snacks and coffees, bikes available, hot shower, fans and air-200 con available, laundry service for 5 bahta piece.</sleep>
== Stay safe ==
Many travelers are being told false information as they are approached on arriving by the local red bus.The village center is not two kilometers away,just about one actually.They are also being told that certain places are three to four kilometers away and sometimes that they are not nice places. Many tuk tuks are paid commission to take people to certain guesthouses.The best way is to take a breather,gather yourself and check in the google map. The Guest house is 35 places in town here, you can look the good place along Mekong river just only 500 meter from the Bus stop. The Mekong river on the east of town. Nice area to stay close to 7/11 shop and market where the Bus stop. Just Enjoy yourself, CK is a small place, with lots of choices for everyone.
There have been reports from travellers travelers that there are wild/feral dogs which come out in this town late at night. There are dogs about, household dogs and temple dogs too. This group of dogs is the owner don't want to take care of it. Must Take care yourself! About the slow boat and room in Pak Beng. There is no need to book the seat in advance from Chiang Khong which is the easy way to go to Luang Prabang. All connection between Houy Xai and Chiang Khong, cut out the problem Tuk Tuk in Houy Xai. No worry! just small money to pay extra more but make everything comfortable. Laotian people pickup you at the Laos immigration. You can do by yourself a little bit cheaper but to pay for off the problem in Laos.
== Get out ==
* '''Outside the village, you can follow the Mekong, through the mountains to the ancient town of [[Chiang Saen]], the founding town of Lanna culture, Buddhism and the place where the Emerald Buddha was discovered. Heading South, you can also visit the little know [[LaosPhu Chi Fa]]''' - , missed by most guesthouses foreign tourists. The Slow Boat is advertised to leave at 10:30AM. But, always leaves around 11:00AM to 11:30AM. It is therefore possible to cross the border and catch the boat on the same day. The boat will not leave without you...they take all comers....but sometimes with 120 people on a boat licensed for 90 it can arrange be rather unpleasant. best to get there for 9.30, get a package deal with food ticket and find a seat, then go and get some coffee and a packed lunch from a cafe up this hill as the boat usually only serves crisps and overnight accommodation in instant noodles. [[PakbengFile:chiangkhongtobokeo.jpg|thumb|Timetable of the international bus from Chiang Khong new bus station to Huay Xai (Bokeo)]] for the trip to * [[Luang PrabangHuay Xai]]. To get from Chiang Khong to Huay Xai there are basically two options. Take a tuk-tuk to border (the drivers ask 150 to 200 THB), but it shuttle bus from Thai immigration to Laos (20/25 THB), and from Lao immigration shared tuk-tuk to Huay Xai (100 THB or 25,000 kip). Second option is to take tuk-tuk to old bus station (30 THB), then take the local bus going to Chiang Rai and ask the driver to stop at the new bus station (10 THB), and from the new bus station take the international bus (which is coming from Chiang Rai) to Huay Xai bus terminal (30 THB). From there you still need to take tuk-tuk to your final destination in Huay Xai. The international bus to Huay Xai will leave from the Chiang Khong new bus station at 9:00AM, 12:00AM, 17:30PM and 18:30PM (As of May 2015. This is the information given from the bus station and the timetable is fairly simple clearly written at the ticket counter. Still needs to be verified that the new bus station has infact started to do as an independent traveller as welloperate).  * It's worth better to cross the border to go on the slow boat as early as possible. Immigration opens at 8:00AM. The Thai Immigration office is reasonably quick. The Laos Immigration office issuing visas will be an experience in Laos Bureaucracy. The whole process can exceed 2 hours in peak times (most of that occurring on the Laos side). Getting to the slow boat requires an exit stamp from Thailand Immigration (about 10 minutes), getting a bus to Laos immigration, getting a Laos visa (can exceed 90 minutes in peak times), and go upriver 10 km by tuk-tuk. : Laos visas are more economical if bought with US dollars instead of baht. As of Feb 2014, minimum cost is $30 USD ($31 on holidays) to enter Laos on a 30 day visa on arrival. Be sure to bring photos to avoid extra costs (can be obtained in Chiang Khong). : Note that since 12th December 2013, the border has been moved 10 km South of Chiang Khong (coordinates:,100.435832&hl=en&gl=us). From the crossing to the new border Tuk-Tuk ask 50 THB/pers, then after leaving Thailand you need to take a day early bus 25 THB/pers + 40 THB extra time (weekends), you will pay again 5 THB extra time at the Thai custom if you come late or during the weekend. On the Laos side they ask 1$ extra time charge evening and spending weekend, then you'll pay 100 THB to get a minivan from the Laos building to Houay Xai. : Prices for the night two day slow boat to Luang Prabang vary. As of Feb 2014 tickets bought in Chiang Khong cost 1250 baht. or they can be bought for 1000 baht at the boat pier. Thai baht, US dollar and Lao Kip are all accepted at least as far as [[Huay XaiLuang Prabang]] to be up .: Recommendation: If you are crossing the border and ready getting the boat on the same day, there is no need to catch buy a boat down ticket in Chiang Khong. You wil will pay more in CK than in Laos for the river first thing same service. A more upmarket trip..the Shompoo cruise has to be booked in the morningadvance though.
* [[Golden Triangle]] - 55 km by road, pop into [[Chiang Saen]] on the way or cruise up the Mekong instead
: Songtaow Run up to [[Chiang Saen]] from the main road around the post office for 100 baht. Around 8 am is the best time to go but be warned that they often (when there are no locals) stop half way up at [[Hard Bai]] from where you will have to hire a full Songthaew for 500 baht. Alternatively, but with far less spectacular views, go firstly to [[Chiang Rai]] (65 baht) and then to [[Chiang Saen]] (37 baht).
* At least one First Class / VIP bus per day goes to directly [[WikiPedia:Amphoe Chiang KhongBangkok]]. They depart at 3pm, take 12 hours and cost 688 baht. (Updated 2013-05). A ticket office is at N20° 15.294 E100° 24.426.
After 16pm no more big buses to [[Chiang Mai]] or [[Chiang Rai]]. But at the counter near bus station there is a woman offering minivans to [[Chiang Mai]]/[[Chiang Rai]] for 250 baht. She has cheated us: we paid 250 baht each and were told minivan will stop in [[Chiang Rai]] and then continue on to [[Chiang Mai]], but instead it just terminated in the old bus station of [[Chiang Rai]], and refused to go any further. After demanding to drive to [[Chiang Mai]]
, minivan driver threatened me with knife. Demand a ticket with your destination marked clearly, if you use this minivan service.
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