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English is one of the The official languages of Malawi are '''English''' and is widely spoken in urban areas. The other official language is '''[[Nyanja phrasebook|Chichewa]], which '''. English is taught in the school all schools, and widely spoken in urban areas, though in rural areas, a few words in Chichewa will go a long way. Chichewa is understood by most Malawians, and the first language of the majority of the population, and knowing Chichewa will get you by in most of Malawi though in some very remote areas, learning the local tongue might be essential. [[Tumbuka phrasebook|Tumbuka]] is the first language for many people in the north of the country. Chiyao is spoken by the Yao people who live mostly in the Southern District of the country. A multi-cultural country, Malawi has over a dozen indigenous ethnic groups, each with its own distinct language.
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