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*'''Hayward Area Historical Society & Museum & Gift Shop''', 22701 Main St, 510-581-0223, museum and gift shop closed until new facilities are opened up. Beginning with the Ohlone Indians and followed by Spanish settlers and missionaries, Hayward, San Lorenzo, Castro Valley and other communities clustered on the east side of San Francisco Bay, have long been a cultural crossroads. In the wake of the Gold Rush, former miners and new immigrants established homes and businesses, planted orchards and raised livestock setting down roots that grew into communities known for their diverse population, varied industry, and suburban living. The Hayward Area Historical Society tells the region's story at its downtown museum (closed until a new location is opened) and through tours of historic sites.
*<see name="The Japanese Gardens" alt="The Douglas Morrisson Theatre" address="22372 N. Third Street" directions="" phone="(510) 881-6777" url="" hours="8-4 daily" price="" lat="" long="">The oldest Japanese gardens in the US designed along traditional lines.</see>
===Don Castro Regional Park===
Woodroe Avenue, 510-247-2522, [].
From I-580 eastbound from San Leandro, take the Center Street exit in Castro Valley; right on Center to Kelly Street; left on Kelly and left on Woodroe to the park entrance.
From I-580 westbound take the Castro Valley exit and continue west on E. Castro Valley Blvd. to Grove Way; left on Grove; left on Center; left on Kelly; and left on Woodroe to the park entrance.
The city has an extensive set of public murals, some of them quite spectacular (if out of the way). they have won a state award for the program that administers them as a joint beautification/graffiti abatement project. Cinema place downtown has 3, and 2 long murals are next to Jackson/92, towards downtown.
*The '''drive''' from Hayward/Castro Valley to Oakland on '''Redwood Road''' is quite beautiful. This road is usually empty, and has the feel of being in a remote area despite the fact that it is near the bay. Beware of the cyclists and the Import racers that frequent Redwood Road.
*'''Sulphur Creek Nature Center''', 1801 D Street, (510) 881-6747. Tu-Su10AM-5PM (Discovery Center until 4:30PM). Outside are enclosures to view larger birdsand other animals, including a raven, red-tailed hawk, coyote, owl and vulture. All animals found here are rescued animals (it operates as a rescue and rehabilitation center) who cannot return to the wild. There also is a beautiful wildflower garden.Events Interior displays and most events are geared toward younger children, with terrariums at a kids eye level. Monthly programs about animals for a cost of $5-6 per family. Picnic tables, hiking trail. Free. *In July, the downtown area in front of the new City Hall hosts the Hayward/Russell City Blues Festival.(836-2227 for information, or*<do name="Cinema Place Gallery" alt="" address="1061 B Street, Hayward, CA" directions="" phone="" url="" hours="" price="" lat="" long="">Opens at NOON Wed.-Sun. A Hayward Arts Council Gallery. Please visit the web site for details on current exhibits.</do>*<do name="John O'Lague Galleria at City Hall" alt="" address="777 'B' St. Hayward, CA" directions="" phone="" url="" hours="9-5 / M-F" price="" lat="" long="">A Hayward Arts Council Gallery. Please visit the web site for details on current exhibits.</do> 
The best shopping in the Bay Area is found in the larger cities like of Berkeley, Oakland, San Francisco, and San Jose. If you must shop in Hayward, you can go to the The downtown lost a lot of its smaller businesses when Southland Mall opened off of 880, which is a fine place for mall and big box store shopping. Cinema Place in downtown on B Street is a new theater with shopping and restaurants in Downtown will open in Summer 2008. The City Center Has good shopping and a Safeway in a office buliding feel.
Every Saturday at Main St. and B St. 9AM-1PM the Hayward Farmers Market is held.
There are Southland Mall is a few nice shops in the historic B street arealarge sized old fashioned mall, whose quality seems to be quickly improvingwith a central closed building, and satellite businesses, including some good restaurants like Elephant Bar. Anchor stores include a Kohl's, Sears, Macy's.
Although the overall number of restaurants in Hayward is respectable by the standards of most cities in the United States, the choices are disappointing compared to that those in nearby gourmet powerhouses Berkeleyand Oakland. The advantages here: plentiful parking, lower prices, shorter waits. However, most of the Mexican restaurants, Oaklandespecially the taquerias, are excellent inexpensive places to chow down on authentic, San Joseif nongourmet, San Leandro and Fremonttraditional dishes. If you choose to find a place to eat in Hayward, the city center is normally the best place to go. Though , though many places eateries can be found all around Hayward. You can also find food on Mission, Jackson, and Foothill BlvdBlvds.
*'''Val's Burgers''' 2115 Kelly Street. For 1950's style burgers, shakes and fries. World-renowned and visited by many celebrities.
*'''Buon Appetito''' on A St.
*'''Banchero's Italian Dinners''', 20102 Mission Blvd.
*'''Emil Villa's California Barbecue''', 24047 Mission Blvd
*''' Favorite Indian Restaurant''', 1235 A St.
*'''Hayward Japan Grill''', 920 C St.
*'''Han Yang BBQ Grill''', 22365 Mission Blvd. Korean
*'''La Pinata #1''', 904 Rose St. Mexican.
*'''Buffalo Bills''', 1082 B St. Trendy pub(510) 886-9823.Not just a good restaurant and bar. in 1983, California made it legal to both brew beer and sell it by the pint in the same location. This is one of the first to open, and they are still doing it right. If you have not been to a "brewpub", this is a great start. *<eat name="Favorite Indian Restaurant" alt="" address="24052 mission blvd." directions="near Jackson St/Route 92 terminus" phone="(510) 583-7550" url="" hours="Daily 11am-10pm" price="" lat="" long="">Excellent Indian food to rival the best restaurants of its type in Berkeley and Oakland, at a reasonable price. Buffet available. They deliver to hayward and castro valley, and parts of san lorenzo and san leandro</eat>*<eat name="Red Chili" alt="" address="29583 Mission Blvd." directions="Near Industrial Blvd terminus" phone="(510) 881-8593" url="" hours="Monday through Friday 11 AM to 3 PM 5 PM to 9:30 PM Sat 11 AM to 9:30 PM Sun 11 AM to 9 PM" price="" lat="" long="">Beautiful interior, well prepared Vietnamese and Thai food, up to standards of Berkeley/Oakland. </eat>*<eat name="The Pizza House" alt="" address="954 B Street" directions="between foothill and mission blvds, close to the hwy 92 terminus" phone="800-773-7312" url="" hours="11 am-3 am" price="**" lat="" long="">Local, high quality hole-in-the-wall pizza and pasta take out restaurant (it does have benches). all the items are made to order, no jarred sauces, and the owners are friendly and professional. their linguini verde (spinach and veggies w/pesto) is very good. OPEN UNTIL 3 A.M. (Free) Delivery area: Hayward, San Leandro, San Lorenzo and Castro Valley</eat>*<drink name="sapporo restaurant" alt="" address="22507 main street" directions="" phone="5107271568" url="" hours="" price="" lat="" long=""></drink>
There are also the usual chain restaurants including Dominoes, Taco Bell, McDonalds, The International House of Pancakes, and so on.
A comfortable corner bar, '''The Bistro''', [] is really the only place to hear live music in the area on a consistent basis...almost every night. They usually have open mic on Mondays. Never a cover charge, and the music ranges from 1920's, blues, jazz, and rock on any day of the week. It's a small place on B street that's worth checking out if you're there after all the downtown shops close down. They serve salads and sandwiches and have tables that flow outside the establishment. No hard liquor, wines and 12 microbrews on tap, and good coffee.
*<drink name="sapporo restaurant" alt="" address="22507 main street" directions="" phone="5107271568" url="" hours="" price="" lat="" long=""></drink>
'''The Funky Monkey''' (Main st between A and B), typical working class bar, with very sweet and lively bartenders, out of a casting call for the Suicide Girls (think pretty and lots of tattoos). Bartender Zephyr (wed-fri) makes a great Rum Punch. friendly, welcoming customers and staff.
'''Turf Club''' (Main St. between A and B) Very straight friendly, somewhat Western themed gay bar, with a large, sandy, funky patio area in back. They state they have existed since 1923. Very much a legendary local hangout. Not fancy, nothing to notice from the outside.
As of 2012, the downtown area has enough odd little hangouts and events, one can easily perambulate on a friday night and pick up on blues or other music at the Music Depot (944 B St.), "pub" crawl, see a movie at Cinema Place. Always plenty of parking.
*<sleep name="Mainstay Suites Hayward" alt="" address="835 West A Street" directions="" phone="510-731-3571 " url="" checkin="" checkout="" price="" lat="" long="">Stay at the Mainstay Suites Hayward – an all-suites hotel offering comfortable extended stay lodging accommodations, free Internet access, vacation packages and easy access to the Bay Area’s best attractions.</sleep>
* <sleep name="Motel 6" alt="" address="30155 Industrial Parkway Southwest" directions="" phone="+1 510 489-8333" email="" fax="+1 510 489-1748" url="" price=""></sleep>
*<sleep name="Budget Inn of Hayward" alt="" address="21598 foothill blvd" directions="" phone="5105384380" url="" checkin="2pm" checkout="12pm" price="49.77" lat="" long=""></sleep>
*<sleep name="Budget Inn Hayward" alt="" address="21598 foothill blvd" directions="" phone="5105384380" url="" checkin="2pm" checkout="12" price="49.77" lat="" long="">hotel offering comfortable extended stay lodging accommodations, free Internet access, vacation packages and easy access to the Bay Area’s best attractions. Newly Remodeled.</sleep>
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