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* Also in Kurihama is '''Kurihama Flower World''' or '''Kurihama Hana-no-Kuni''' (くりはま花の国). This park is renowned for its 1 million blooming poppies from Mid-May to Mid-June, and beautiful cosmos flowers from September-mid October. It also has a nice herb garden and children's play area with a large Godzilla slide. [ Area map from Kurihama station]
*The Verny park is located near Shioiri station. The park fronts on the sea. A lot of roses are planted in park. There are fountains. The atmosphere of the park is elegant.
* '''Yokosuka Research Park''', 3-4 Hikari-no-Oka (''shuttle bus from Keikyu's YRP Nobi station''), []. Not exactly a tourist attraction, this vast research complex is devoted to telecommunications in all shapes and sizes. You won't be able to see much if you show up unannounced, but symposia and meetings are held here regularly and usually include guided tours with companies showing off their latest and greatest.
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