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Of all the islands of [[Greece]], Lesbos is only preceded in area by [[Crete]] (South) and [[Evvia]] (Centre). However, in terms of administration, the ''prefecture of Lesvos'' comprises of three major islands, Lesbos, [[Lemnos]] at the northwest, and the tiny [[Agios Efstratios]], located in the middle between the first two islands.
Geographically, Lesbos includes two seawater gulfs, with narrow openings both to the south, that elongate the coastline and shaping the island characteristically like a fig tree or ''plane tree leaf'', as described by the native nobelist poet [ Odysseas Elytis]. The landscape is different in the various regions; most striking is the contrast of the far west region, rocky with low vegetation, to the east and central parts, where olive and pine tree forests dominate. Its elevation reaches almost 1000 meters at both points: the north at mount ''Lepetymnos'' and the south at mount ''Olympos'', a name identical to the original [[Olympus]] in [[Thessaly]].
==Towns and Villages==
The administrative and natural capital of Lesvos is ''[[Mytilene]] '' (Μυτιλήνη), at the east end, is a busy town as it concentrates the hospital, the university, the port, the airport, the court, the prefecture and other administrative headquarters. '''Kalloni''' is the second-in-size town, located in the center if the island, at the north of the greater of the two gulfs (thus called ''"Gulf of Kalloni"''). '''Molivos''', the ancient '''Methymna''' (spelled also as ''Mithimna''), the most important destination for a visitor, because of its attractions: the Gattilusi Castle and the whole preserved traditional architecture. It is one of the two lungs of tourism in Lesbos, the other one being Eressos. '''Eressos''' is a small dale town at southwest paving the way to the sandy beach, or '''Skala Eressou''', thus being mostly a summer resort. Notably, its fame as the birthplace of Sappho attracts some lesbian (homosexual) couples, but they consist a part of the whole number of Eressos' visitors, as it is a place too beautiful to become isolated. '''Plomari''' at the south coast in the middle of the two gulfs' openings, is the home of ''Ouzo'', the popular Greek alcoholic beverage. * '''Mandamados''', at the northeast, for the ceramic at tradition and the locally produced dairy products. * '''Agiasos''', the picturesque village while ascending onto Olympos.
==Other destinations==
* Pirgi Thermis * Molivos (Mithimna)'''Sigri''', the village at the west end of the island, hosting the ''Natural History Museum of the Petrified Forest''. The '''Petrified Forest''' site is located between Eressos and Sigri.
* Eresos (Sigri) - Petrified forest'''Petra''' and the beach at '''Anaxos''', almost unavoidable if you visit Molivos. The beach is facing to the north but it is crowded even when affected by the prevailing north winds.
* Thalia'''Vatera''', one of the longest beaches in Greece, at the south coast.
* Madamados'''Pirgi Thermis''' (Πύργοι Θερμής, lit. Towers at Therme) for the bar restaurants and the beach.
* Vatera'''Skala Sykamnias''' between Molivos and Mandamados, for its tavernae.

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