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'''Uzice''' is a city in [[Serbia]].
It has an attractive setting, in a limestone gorge, with red-roofed houses spreading up the hillsides. However, the central area is largely concrete (1960s?) and quite run down. The high number of Yugos on the roads gives the impression that there isn't much money around.
==Get in==
Best way to get in is by Bus from Belgrade or by Train. There are also other buses from other cities. The Uzice-Ponikve airport is under reparis repairs and will soon have scheduled flights from Belgrade, 2007 or 2008. Train from Belgrade only 826 Dinars including reservation (€8.26) (2010) Train and bus stations adjacent, south of the river. There is a useful map (ariel view) of the town at the train station, from which you can find your way to the Tourist Information Office (closes at 4pm).
==Get around==
The Best way to get around is walking but if you want travel around the best way is a taxi.  
Walk around see the sights of Uzice. Also take a day trip out and see the lovely mountains around Uzice.
And if you are between he ages of 13 to 99 you can also got to techno clubs and clubs, there are many and if you don't know where there is a good one just ask around or ask a taxi driver
* House, Uzice is one of the most laid back and easy going towns in whole of Europe (well at least i think) * A ticket to somewhere else! (eg Visegrad, Zlatibor)
The Best thing to eat is Burek, A pastry with meat and cheese, can be bought from vendors all over town.
Beer many type from towns to the big American brands
It seems the only hotel in town is the rather pretentious Hotel Zlatibor, a tall concrete tower right in the centre of town.
==Get out==
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