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[[Image:Kalkanmosque.jpg|thumb|300px|Central mosque of Kalkan—a former Greek church]] '''Kalkan''' is a town in [[Mediterranean_Turkey|Mediterranean]] [[Turkey]]. It is an enchanting, historic town and one of the most beautiful locations along Turkey's gorgeous [[Lycia|Lycian Coast]]. There is an absence of mass tourism, and it remains a charming and unspoiled haven with brilliant blue crystal-clear sea, historic architecture, ancient history and warm traditional Turkish hospitality.
==Get in==
===By air===
[[Dalaman]] airport is the closest at about 1hr 30mins 2 hours by taxi from Kalkan.
Taxi transfers from Dalaman, some flight providers offer a transfer to Fethiye where there;s a bus service to Kalkan
It is a fairly easy 90 minute drive from Dalaman to Kalkan, passing though a toll tunnel near Dalaman and then a straighforward drive, bypassing Fetiye Fethiye before arriving in a dramatic sweep into Kalkan by a new road. * <listing name="" alt="" address="" directions="" phone="" url="" hours="" price="" lat="" long="" email="" fax=""></listing>
===By bus===
Lots of traffic to start, thins out after a while. Turn right at the Zorlar roundabout, wide, long inclines but nice coming down on the other side. After Yesilkoy very steep, tight corners and narrow, watch out for traffic in both directions, until junction with Islamlar road, then downhill, steep, very narrow, watch out for traffic in both directions. Watch out for the junction with the Bezirgan road. Will improve when the new road is finished. Some water sources (signposted) and service stations.
====From [[KasKaş]]====
Fantastic views of the sea. Best Mediterranean ride in Turkey until you get to Silifke. Narrow in places. Tight corners. Watch out for overtaking traffic. Narrow bridge at Kaputas.
* ruins
*Saklikent gorge
*Meis/Kastellorizo - Greece's easternmost island. Take the boat from KasKaş
*Bezirgan village
*Green lake at Gombe
*Visit the stunning beach at Kaputaş - 10 minutes away on the dolmus
*Take a boat trip. Some boats will take you to Patara or Kaputas. Some will just hug the bay. Lunch provided. Quality varies.
*Trips to [[Fethiye#Get out|Saklıkent Gorge]] or horseback riding along Patara beach can be arranged in Kalkan.
*Walk the '''[[Lycian Way]]'''.
[[Image:Kalkanshops.jpg|thumb|220px|Shops and restaurants in downtown Kalkan]]
Lots of small shops in the village. Best buy would be a Turkish rug. There are many shops selling fake goods, especially T shirts.
The thing you will remember most about Kalkan is the restaurants. There are over 200 in this small fishing village. They vary from the very simple providing wholesome Turkish food to the sophisicated located in beautifully restored village homes. Many of them have roof terraces and it is wonderful to eat under the stars and gaze at the lights of the town.
Have lunch at a trout farm in Islamlar, a village up on the hills north of Kalkan. Much cooler than Kalkan in the summer.

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