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[[Image:Cunda-Ayvalik.jpg|thumb|350px|Waterfront of Cunda Island from the sea]]
* '''Alibey (Cunda) Island''' A small road bridge connects the island to Lale Island which in turn is connected by a causeway to the mainland (Ayvalik). There are frequent dolmuses (shared taxis) and half hourly buses (line #3 ''Hastane-Alibey Adası'', they also stop at ''otogar'') throughout the year, in addition, in summer, there are also small ferries carrying passengers From Ayvalik to Alibey Island, on the hour. Many churches and monasteries are located on the island, the most famous being the Taksiyarhis Church. The bell of the church stays at the Bergama Museum.
The island is also famous for its fish; you can see fish restaurants located next to each other by the seaside.
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