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The backbone of bus transport in central Copenhagen are the A buses operated by Movia [], which run every few minutes throughout the day. The S Buses are express buses that operate on longer lines, with fewer stops. '''Christianshavn's Square''' is the major stop, with stops by 3 different buslines, and interchange to the Metro.
*'''2A''' Starts at the Tingbjerg distict in the [[Copenhagen/North-West|North Western]] part of Copenhagen, and runs through [[Copenhagen/Indre_By|downtown]], with stops at Rådhuspladen (the central square) and the central station, before it crosses the habourharbour, and runs through Christianshavn on Torvegade, with stops at Asiatisk Plads (Ministry of foreign affairs) and the Metro station on Christianshavn Square. It terminates at Kastrup metro station on [[Amager]].
*'''350S''' Begins its journey in the suburb of Herlev, north west of Copenhagen. And runs through the [[Copenhagen/Indre_By|inner city]] with stops on Nørreport station and Kongens Nytorv square, before it crosses Knippelsbro bridge, and stops at Christianshavn Square. It continues onwards to [[Amager]], and terminates in picturesque Dragør south of the Airport.
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