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Huon Gulf

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*[[Bulolo]] — a pre-war goldrush town. You can still pan for gold. Eight river dredges used for prospecting were abandoned and some can still be seen. Now a major forestry center.
*'''Finschhafen''' — located 50 miles east of Lae on the Huon Peninsula. Formerly part of German New Guinea it was largely abandoned because of Malaria but was taken over by the Japanese in 1942 and subsequently recaptured by Australians in 1943. A small port with limited economic activity.
*[[Lae]] — Papua New Guinea's second city and main economic hub. Beginning of the Highlands Highway.
*[[Wau (Papua New Guinea)|Wau]] — another goldrush town that was site of important WW2 battle in 1943. Home of the Wau Ecology Institute and beginning of the '''Black Cat Trail''' to Salamaua.
==Other destinations==
*'''The Huon Tree Kangaroo.''' The Huon Peninsula (nicknamed by geologists as the ''champagne cork'' because of the rate of growth of its mountains) is home to one of PNG's seven species of tree kangaroo. Also known as the Matschie's Tree Kangaroo, some can be seen in the Rainforest Habitat in [[Lae]]. To see them in the wild will require a hike to 2000 meters. In 2009 the YUS Conservation Area was established to protect the habitat of the kangaroo in the northern part of the Huon Peninsula. YUS includes three rivers, Yopno, Uruwa and Som, after which it was named.

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