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Southern Marmara

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* The only '''rail''' connection to the region is from [[Izmir]], where trains depart for [[Balikesir|Balıkesir]] and [[Bandirma|Bandırma]].
* From [[Istanbul]] on the northern coast of Marmara, there are lots of fast '''ferry''' services to towns along the southern coast, such as [[Armutlu (Marmara)|Armutlu]], [[Güzelyalı]] close to [[Bursa]], [[Mudanya]], and [[Bandirma|Bandırma]]. [[Marmara Islands]] are also served by ferries from [[Tekirdağ]] across Marmara. There are also very frequent ferry links between [[Canakkale|Çanakkale]] and towns on the northern/European banks of Dardanelles, such as [[Eceabat]] and [[Gallipoli]].
* The '''highway''' numbered '''D550/E87''' connects the region with [[Northern Aegean]] and [[Izmir]] further south, however drivers with some time to spare may prefer its narrower, and less travelled parallel running [[Along the Troad Coast|along the coast]].
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