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Jiuzhaigou Nature Reserve

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See and Do: Dispersed pictures
*'''Pearl Shoal and Pearl Shoal Falls''' are best viewed by taking the walkway. This takes visitors across the “Golden Bell Lake” and “Pearl Shoal” down the left side of the falls then across the base of the Falls to “Mirror Lake”. The shallow waters rush over the 160 metre wide travertine shelf called” Pearl Shoal” creating a noisy bubbling cascade which from a distance looks like a shawl of pearls draped across the hillside. The falls have a drop height of 21 metres and are 162 metres wide providing a spectacular display.
[[Image:Nuorilang Falls.jpg|thumb|250 px|Nuorilang Falls]]
*'''Mirror Lake''' is so named because of its ability to reflect the images of the surrounding mountains and forests. The lake at an altitude of 2,410 metres is in a sheltered section of the valley running east west which produces its glassy reflective surface.The Lake was featured in the Zhang Yimou movie ''Hero''. The outflow of “Mirror Lake” is through the “Rize Gully” a travertine ramp of small ponds and natural bonsai trees and bushes that lead directly to one of the great sights of Jiuzhaigou . The Nuorilang waterfall.
[[Image:Nuorilang Falls.jpg|thumb|250 px|Nuorilang Falls]]
*The '''Nuorilang Falls''' are situated, at an altitude of 2,365 metres, at the junction of the Zechawa, Rize and Shuzheng valleys. Best viewed from the Shuzheng valley road the 250 metre wide veil of water flows out of the thick shrubs and bushes of Rize Gully to drop 24 metres into a small ravine below the road.

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