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The Wire Tour

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Turn right on Lexington and turn right onto Mount St. Go about four blocks and look for the '''Viva House''' (44 S Mount St) soon after crossing Hollins St, where Bubbles cooked and served at the '''soup kitchen'''. Turn left on Lombard and left again onto Gilmor St to get back to Lexington St.
Turn right on Lexington to go back east towards MLK Jr Blvd. Once you reach Amity St, look left—the second building on the right is the famous '''Poe House'''. In the show, a lost tourist asks a local kid where the Poe House is. The local accent pronounces Poe and poor the same way, so the perplexed boy responds, "uh, take your pick!" Fortunately, you brought your Wikitravel map, so you won't have to reenact this silly scene. While closed for winter, the house of Edgar Allen Poe is open for a small fee and tour April–early from April to early December Th-Sa , but hours of operation are limited to Thursdays through Saturdays from noon-to 3:30PM daily—just 30. Just go up to the front door and knock. Street parking right on Lexington couldn't be easier.
Continue east on Lexington and turn left onto Fremont. You are now in the thick of The Terraces, a mixed use public housing complex that replaced the once blighted and now demolished Lexington Terrace high rise public housing projects, which served as inspiration for '''Franklin Terrace''', the high rises controlled by the Barksdale Organization.
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