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* [[Alytus]]
* [[Druskininkai]]
* [[Purnuskes]] {{-}} according to some measures the center of Europe
* [[Trakai]]
* [[Dzūkija National Park]] {{-}} the biggest forest (Dainavos) and swamp (Čepkelių) in the country, and some old unique villages in the middle of the forests
* [[Kernavė]] {{-}} former Lithuanian capital at the bank of the river Neris and now a well-preserved archaeological site
* [[Purnuskes]] {{-}} according to some measures the center of Europe
Dzūkija is a cultural region in south-eastern Lithuania. Most of the region is sparsely populated and covered by forests, stretching north-east from the border with the [[Poland|Polish]] region of [[Podlaskie]]. The northern part of the region, however, is the cradle of Lithuanian statehood and includes the current capital [[Vilnius]] and two medieval capitals - [[Kernavė]] and [[Trakai]]. Two of Lithuania's five national parks can be found here as well as three of country's four [[UNESCO World heritage sites]]. Eight regional parks are also established in the region and serve to protect both the natural environment and cultural heritage.
As in the rest of Lithuania, the official language is Lithuanian. However, in some parts of the region Polish is widely used due to the significant number of ethnic Poles living in the area.
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