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[[Image:River Sob north of Kharp.jpg|thumb|350px|The River Sob, north of Kharp]]
'''Yamalia''' ([[Russian phrasebook|Russian]]: Яма́ло-Нене́цкий автоно́мный о́круг ''yuh-MAH-luh nee-NYEHT-skee uhf-tah-NOHM-nee OH-krook'') is the northernmost region in [[Russia|Russia's]] [[Urals|Urals Region]] and is home to Russia's most important natural gas deposits as well as large West Siberian oilfields. Located in the middle of Russia's Arctic Ocean coast, Yamalia is about as remote a destination as one could possibly choose and is rarely visited by anyone except those on oil and gas business.
* [[Salekhard]] — the administrative center and the only town in the world located directly on the Polar circle
* [[Gubkinskii]]
* [[Kharp]]
* [[Muravlenko]]
* [[Nadym]]
* [[Novy Urengoy]] — the largest town in the region and the last stop on the [[Tyumen]]-Novy Urengoy railway* [[Noyabrsk]] — few good reasons to visit this oilfield city (which is the second largest in the region), unless you are there on oil business* [[Tarko-Sale]] — for those looking to vacation in the exact middle of nowhere, this small town boasts a modest museum of local lore
==Other destinations==
* Gydansky Nature Reserve - you will be confronted with neither long lines nor touts at this wilderness preserve located in the Arctic tundra of Yamalia's northeastern most bay on the Kara Sea. The nearest inhabited place is Gyda.
* Verkhne-Tazovskii Nature Reserve

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