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Wikitravel:Welcome, newcomers

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After you have found the guide for the area you are interested in, there may still be more information waiting for you to read. We don't cover information on how to get into a country in every destination guide. You won't find visa information for [[Australia]] in the [[Sydney]] article. So, if you are coming from further afield, you may want to refer to the breadcrumb links at the top of the page, and read the country or region guide, to make sure you have the full picture.
We don't list general travel information that is true everywhere in the world in every guide. We have helpful articles on things like [[Moneymoney]], [[Visasvisa|visas]] , how to [[Stay Safestay safe]] and how to deal with [[Talk|language barriers]] in our [[travel topics|list of [[travel topics]].
Remember that Wikitravel is an open guide that anyone can edit. Often that means you can get up to the minute information and inside information on attractions and the latest buzz, but sometimes it means that some information can be unverified and unreliable. As with any other guide, you should double check and confirm any information that is critical to the success of your travels. If you have particular travel questions that aren't covered in a guide, you can ask the a [[Wikitravel:What is a docent?|docentsdocent]]. A docent is a volunteer guide, and if there is one for your area you can check there will be a link in the sidebar on the left for the containing their contact information.  For general questionquestions, post a message in our [[Wikitravel:Travellers' pub|Travellers' pub]].
You're free to use the articles in Wikitravel in almost any way, thanks to our [[:shared:Copyleft|copyleft]] license.

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