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Wikitravel:Technical details

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Wikitravel uses the [ MediaWiki] Wiki software created for [ Wikipedia], with some minuscule local modifications. MediaWiki is written in the [ PHP] language and uses [ MySQL] for database storage.
Wikitravel does not use the servers, administrative staff, or funds of the Wikimedia Foundation; this wiki and that wiki merely use the same freely-licenced software. The site is operated by [[Wikitravel:Internet Brands|Internet Brands]], hosted in their network center. As of May 2006, our network service can handle a little more than 3 times our current bandwidth requirements (100Gb/mo used out of 300Gb/mo), and about 20 times our current disk space requirements (20 out of 400Gb disk space used).
[[de:Wikitravel:Technische Details]]

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