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[[Image:The Wave, Utah.jpg|thumb|300px|The Wave, one of Utah's myriad astonishing rock formations]]
'''Utah''', [] located in the [[Southwest (United States of America)|Southwest]] region of the [[United States]], is well known for its incredible scenic beauty and year round outdoor activities including skiing, snowboarding, hiking, boating, water skiing, horseback riding, camping, and rock climbing. The capital city of [[Salt Lake City]] has a number of unique modern and historical sites to visit, including Temple Square, the headquarters for the Mormon churchChurch of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, also known as the Mormons.
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*[[Arches National Park]] &ndash; largest concentration of natural arches in the world, just northeast of Moab, as well as other strange sandstone formations, such as pinnacles, cliffs, mesas, and gorges
*[[Bryce Canyon National Park]] &ndash; heavily-forested mountainous area with large natural amphitheater and other strange sandstone formations
*[[Canyonlands National Park]] &ndash; large, spectacular wilderness of sandstone cliffs, narrow gorges, canyons, plateaus, bluffs, and other strange and beautiful formations east west of Moab
*[[Capitol Reef National Park]] &ndash; remote park along the Waterpocket Fold, a 100 mile monocline of domes, monoliths and narrow canyons
*[[Cedar Breaks National Monument]] &ndash; large natural amphitheater northeast of Cedar City in forested, mountainous area
The '''benches''' are the higher slopes along the Wasatch Front. Residential development on the Wasatch Front typically extends high onto the slopes of the Wasatch Mountains in some areas. Homes here are generally more affluent, as they provide spectacular views of the surrounding areas, and the benches receive more precipitation and much more snow than the valley floors.
'''Mormons''' or members of ''The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter -day Saints'' make up a good part of Utah's population, and their beliefs and practices are one of the strongest influences for public policy in the state, particularly when it comes to drinking, smoking, and homosexuality. Mormons are generally tolerant and friendly towards non-Mormons, but may be taken aback by cussing, smoking, or drinking in their presence, particularly in the more rural cities and towns. Sunday is considered a day of rest, and so some stores will be closed on Sunday. These stereotypes hold more weight in smaller cities and towns, and in some areas (especially Park City and Salt Lake City) the number of non-Mormons do outnumber members of the LDS faith.
===When to visit===
===By train===
Amtrak [] runs the '''[[California Zephyr]]''' from [[Emeryville]] to [[Chicago]], stopping in [[Green River (Utah)|Green River]], [[Helper]], [[Provo]], and [[Salt Lake City]].
For more information, see Amtrak's website or Wikitravel's article [[Rail travel in the United States]].
==Get around==
*'''Roads''': Nearly every city in Utah is laid out on a grid system, a vision of the original Mormon settlers. They generally feature wide roads, with a numbering system consisting of intervals of 100 originating from a central point (for example, heading north from the center, the first road will be 100 North, then 200 North, and so on). This system can be confusing for first-time visitors, but is easy to pick up and familiarize yourself with. The major exception to this is Ogden, which was settled as a non-Mormon railroad town and therefore possesses a different numbering system.*'''Public Transportation''': The Utah Transit Authority (UTA) [] maintains a bus system with several routes, generally between Ogden and Provo. UTA also is responsible for the TRAX system, which is light rail running from the University of Utah to downtown Salt Lake to Sandy. For both bus and train, one-way fare is $1.752, and a transfer can be obtained upon request, which will allow you to board another bus or train within two hours. UTA also operates Frontrunner, a commuter train, running between Pleasant View, north of Ogden, and Salt Lake and Ogdenwith future expansion to Provo by 2013. The cost of Frontrunner is $2-$5 one way depending on how far you travel. Fares have change frequently in the past, so check UTA website [] for updates.
*'''Skyline Drive''' &ndash; winds for over 100 miles along the very top of the Wasatch Plateau, providing access to forested mountains, alpine meadows and numerous lakes, streams and camping areas. At elevations ranging from about 9,000 to 11,000 feet above sea level, it is one of the highest roads in America. Views of the mountain basins and surrounding valleys are marvelous.
*'''[[Snowmobile Skyline Drive]]''' &ndash; the Wasatch Plateau of [[Central Utah]] is a high altitude play area with snow, meadows, and hill climbs. Know as 'Boondocker's Heaven'.
Utah is also home to some of the best skiing and snowboarding in the world. Most of Utah's best ski areas are located in Big Cottonwood Canyon and Little Cottonwood Canyon, which are both conveniently located less than an hour's drive away from Salt Lake City.
If you like off-roading, [[Moab]] is home to the semi-annual Jeep Safari. The Safari will often times run twice a year, one over Easter Weekend the other over Memorial Day Weekend. The desert terrain combined with it's vast canyons can make for some fun and beautiful scenic drives, or wild rides with some very challanging challenging obstacles. You can also bike and in some cases take an ATV out on the trails. For a less arid ride, try your hand at high mountain OHV riding through aspen and pine forests on the [[The Arapeen ATV Trail System|Arapeen ATV Trail System]].
There is some mind-blowing rock climbing to be done in Utah, some of the best is located at [[Maple Canyon]] and [[Zion National Park]]. If this is not enough to satisfy your extreme sports cravings, consider [[Snowkite Skyline Drive|snowkiting at high altitudes on Skyline Drive]].
*<do name="Mount Ogden Via Ferrata" alt="" address="2900 Buchanan Avenue" directions="Take the 31st street exit off of Interstate 15 in Ogden, proceed to the parking lot at the east end of 29th street" phone="(801) 550-1761" url="" hours="by reservation" price="" lat="" long="">
If you can climb a ladder, you can climb the Mount Ogden Via Ferrata! You're always attached to the safety cable. No ropes or knots required.
Via Ferrata (Italian for "iron road") is a mountain-climbing method that lets less experienced climbers enjoy views and adrenaline rushes usually reserved for elite climbers. Conceived during World War I, via ferrata allowed Italian soldiers from the flatlands to move quickly through the mountains as they fought the Austrians for higher ground. Today there are over 500 via ferrata climbing routes in Europe, enjoyed by locals and tourists alike, ages 8 to 80. The "iron road" is now available in Utah with the Mount Ogden Via Ferrata.</do>
{{Infobox|Heathen hops|Chances are, at some point during a visit to Utah, you will wonder: What the heck is "Polygamy Porter?!" The fact that their motto is "Why have just one" will likely only fuel further questions about why the state seems to be full of local brews insulting the local religion. The explanation is bizarre and not just a little humorous. An entrepreneurial [[Milwaukee|Milwaukeean]] decided that America's most temperate state could use a brewery, and that the best way to market his brews would be to have as outrageous and controversial an advertising campaign as possible. Stunts like sending two men in stereotypical "Mormon missionary dress" door-to-door trying to convert Mormons to beer, predictably generated the intended controversy, which in turn served as widespread publicity for his business, the Wasatch Brew Pub. In any rate, it can feel a little uncomfortable to ask a local for a "Polygamy Porter," but it is a fine brew.}}
Utah's liquor laws are known as one of the more peculiar things about the state. Liquor is sold only in state-owned stores and generally costs more than in other states. Other states also have state owned liquor stores such as New Hampshire, although New Hampshire prices tend to be much lower. Beer contains significantly slightly less alcohol (3.2% alcoholby weight [4% alcohol by volume], as opposed to the standard 45-56%ABV) than the usual brew, which is available in stores and restaurants. "Full strength" beer is available in bars , although not on tap, and liquor stores. AlsoRecently, state law prohibits changed the serving of more than one previous 1 ounce (shot) of alcohol as the primary limit on liquor in mixed drinks to a mixed drinkmore standard 1.5 ounces. Secondary alcoholic flavorings may then be added to a mixed drink as the recipe requires. While this can be circumvented with the purchase of a "sidecarHappy hours" ( a separate shot and other drink specials are not allowed, so prices remain constant regardless of liquor )day or time. Keep in note mind that driving after drinking is prosecuted aggressively in the State state of Utah.
Although liquor laws in Utah are more strict, they are not impossible. There are several kinds of establishments to know about:
*'''Private club'''. Memberships are no longer required at Utah's bars as of 2009. Bars can serve until 1 AM (last call usually occurs between 12:15 and 12:45 depending on the number of people in the bar) and close at 2 AM.
*'''TavernTaverns'''. A tavern is a bar that serves only beer and requires no "membership".
*'''Restaurants'''. Many restaurants serve beer as well as hard liquor. No "membership" is required, but you must order food. Mixed drinks and wine can be served with meals from noon until 1AM. Beer may be ordered 10AM-1AM.
==Stay safe==
Certain parts of Utah are valley regions. In the winter time they are subject to days of pollution inversions. Those with respiratory and heart conditions should advise the air quality index to see the primary pollutant. You usually can find the indexes in the daily paper as well as watching local news and The Weather Channel.
==Get out== * '''[[Idaho]]''' - Utah's northwestern neighbor is a rugged state, with snow-capped mountains, whitewater rivers, forests, high desert, and plenty of wilderness.* '''[[Wyoming]]''' - Located northeast of Utah, Wyoming is home to most of the landmass of [[Yellowstone National Park]] and provides an excellent opportunity to experience America's cowboy heritage.* '''[[Colorado]]''' - The Rocky Mountain state borders Utah to the east and offers a mind-boggling array of outdoor activities.* '''[[New Mexico]]''' - Joining Utah only at the [[Four Corners]], this state lies to Utah's southwest and was a Spanish and then Mexican colony until the Mexican War of the 1840s, and retains a culture that is heavily influenced by its native and colonial past.* '''[[Arizona]]''' - Home to the [[Grand Canyon]], Arizona borders Utah to the south.* '''[[Nevada]]''' - The Silver State borders Utah to the west and is home to the adult playground of [[Las Vegas]]. 
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