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Beyond Cuisine
This section is obviously one of the more lighthearted in the article. It is a section for people who want to try more unusual Australian cuisine and customs, and has had a few inspired contributions over the past year or so. I think it is useful to be first time visitors to Australia. By necessity it is going to be have a point of view, and I'm going to try and put back some of what has been lost with edits making it more factual and encyclopaedic. The idea of this Australia article is to give a general introduction to a broader Australia. Of course you can buy Arnotts biscuits in a supermarket - that should be obvious, but maybe not so obvious is that if you go to the local market in any country town on a Saturday morning you will get some ANZAC biscuits that were home baked the night before. Yes, if you are staying a downtown posh-hotel, you can just ask for vegemite on toast - whether it appears on the menu or not. So by all means edit away, but if you want to replace lively text, it should be replaced with something [[Wikitravel:Tone|just as lively]], and not dulled down. --[[User:Inas|inas]] 17:48, 24 January 2010 (EST)
:: What was reverted to contained what I consider to be unhelpful superlatives "an experience difficult to describe" (WHAT!!??!!) and several factual errors. (The implication you can go ask for vegemite on toast in any cafe is truly ridiculous. It is also incredibly pointless thing for a tourist to do: tourists can readily sample vegemite because, as I have now added, it is routinely available in any self cater breakfast situation - like in a hostel. They do not ''need'' to go to a cafe and specifically ask for it, so why do we tell people to do that?) Many food products were not specified as commercial: so how would a toursit obtain them? By telling people that they are commercial, tourists can figure out where to buy them. You know, this project is meant to be useful for a traveller, not an informal site to dicuss cultural things in a loose way.
== Politics ==
We should limit the depth of political discussion here to what is required either to understand Australia or to hold a conversation with Australians. --[[User:Inas|inas]] 04:42, 22 February 2010 (EST)
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