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==Get around==
This historic town has become one of the most popular destinations for visitors to Sardinia. The car free narrow lanes of the atmospheric old town contain numerous bars and cafes whilst the restaurants are renowned for excellent seafood. The surrounding area brings many delights for those who venture out of the city. These include the famous beaches at La Pelosa - Stintino, the eerily abandoned mining town of Argentiera and the ancient palace complex at Nuraghe di Palmavera.
The coastal road south of Alghero is beautiful, an unspoilt and protected panorama of sparkling sea, lush vegetation , and rocky mountains. It leads to Bosa, a small medieval town, which has a distinctive and living historic centre center and many points of interest. Bosa is an ideal spot for a relaxing holiday, as it is friendly and has a character and economy which is not based solely on tourism.
* [[Scuba diving]] - The area with the Marine Reserve is one of the best dive destination in Europe( see
* Caving
* Climbing
Alghero is famous with its red coral jewelery as well as silverware.
As in most parts of Italy food in Alghero is an important thing. The town's fishing port provides seafood fresh from the sea. Make sure that you try Catalan lobster, lobster salad with raw tomatoes and onion. Ricci (sea urchins) are also very popular in Alghero with a festival being held in their honor around febraio sagraFebruary during the "Boga MarinSagra del Bogamarì". A good restaurant where you can try typical dishes is 'Al Vecchio Mulino' the same management for 30 years [] For a vegetarian and typical dishes go to Farm holiday Bonsai Alghero [] near the airport.
Take in the beautiful views at cafe Latino located on the battlements overlooking the harbour. There are also lots of late night bars on the lungomare valencia Lungomare Valencia that get going at around about midnight. Local drinks are Limoncellolimoncello, Mirto mirto and some local wines that they serve in all restaurants. Also you should not miss the Bar La Perla in Viale Sardegna. It serves great cappucino.
There are a whole number of possibilities for accommodation in Alghero from bed and breakfasts to Agroturismos(farm stays) and hotels. You can pick up a list of B&Bs at the friendly Tourist Information office.
In the offseason, rates range from E25 - E50 for one person. Expect prices to double in July and August.
If you want to book something on line, contact [email protected] - they offer some very special apartments in and around the old town at very competitive prices.
* <sleep name="Aigua Alghero B&B and rent a car" alt="aigua alghero" address="old town alghero ambrogio machin 22, and rent a car Alghero Airport" directions="" phone="+39 340 0777688 english contact +39 3395912476 " checkin="" checkout="" price="Euro: 60-100" lat="" long="" email="[email protected]">Typical architecture Latin</sleep>
* <sleep name="Aigua Alghero B&B and Rent a Car" alt="aigua alghero" address="old town alghero ambrogio machin 22" directions="& Rent a Car Front of Airport" url="" phone="+39 340 0777688 english contact +39 3395912476 " checkin="11am" checkout="noon" price="Euro: 60-100" lat="40°33'29.34"N" long=" 8°18'55.88"E" email="[email protected]">Typical architecture Latin</sleep> * <sleep name="B&B Ramblas" alt="B&B Alghero" address="Lido San Giovanni Via Garibaldi, 79/M" directions="Front of the sea" phone="+39 347 1813100 " checkin="11am" checkout="noon" price="Euro: 60-100" email="[email protected]">B&B Alghero</sleep> * <sleep name="Hotel Angedras Alghero" alt="angedras alghero" address="via Frank, 2" directions="" url="" phone="+39 079 9735034" checkin="11AM11:30AM" checkout="noon10:30AM" price="$53-150" lat="" long="" email="[email protected]" fax="+39 079 974928 " >Three star hotel in a quiet residential street close to the old town, has stylish modern rooms. Hotel shuttle bus to the beach, internet point, high-speed Wi-Fi internet connection, restaurant (on the Bastions in Alghero's Old Town, with sea view).</sleep>
* <sleep name="Villa Las Tronas Hotel & Spa" alt="Hotel Villa Las Tronas - 5 star" address="Lungomare Valencia, 1" directions="" phone="+39 079 981818 checkin="15 p.m." checkout="12 p.m." price="Euro: 220-450" lat="" long="" email="[email protected]" fax="+39 079 981044 >Once the residence of Italian Royalty during their holidays in Sardinia, Las Tronas conserves the historic atmosphere of the aristocratic buen retiro, renewing the tradition and charm of the ancient residence.

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