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By car
[[Image:Sigulda_Bobsled.jpg|thumb|300px|Sigulda's bobsled and luge track snakes its way into the valley.]]
'''Sigulda''' [] is in the Vidzeme Region of [[Latvia]], some 50 kilometers to the east of [[Riga]]. Located in the picturesque Gauja valley, with its steep banks and cliffs, Sigulda has become known as the 'Switzerland of Latvia'.
==Get in==
Sigulda can be reached from Riga (53km) by bus or by train. The trip takes about 75 minutes by train, and a day return ticket costs L3.02 (November 2009). Timetables at [].
The bus and the train take about 1 hour and 15 minute to go to Sigulda from Riga.
===By train===Sigulda can be reached from [[Riga]] (53km) by bus or by train. The trip takes about 75 minutes by train, and a day return ticket costs L3.10 (September 2011). Timetables at [].  ===By bus===The train, like the bus, takes about 1 hour 15 minutes from [[Riga]]  ===By car===If going there by own private transport, watch out for some traffic jams during nice summer weekends - lots of people go there during season, sometimes it's better to take the train.  *Another alternative is to hire a private transfer []. You just pay one fixed fee and you get a door to door service. Its probably the quickest way to get to Sigulda.
==Get around==
*'''City card Siguldas spieķis''' [] is the key to unique Sigulda experience for individual travelers. What you will get with your City card: Free entry to the main sights and the museum, Money saving special offers.
*'''Turaida castle''' is about 4km outside of Sigulda and a major sight. It's been rebuilt in the Soviet area and now houses exhibition space and a small café. It also has fabulous views over the valley and the river.
*'''Gutmanis cave''' lies half-way between Sigulda and Turaida castle and has a little creek flowing from it. A legend states that the water in the creek emenates emanates from Gutmanis' tears, and drinking it is supposed to be healthy and boosting one's lifespan. Try it at your own risk, or just watch people stopping by to fill entire bottles.
*'''Krimulda Palace and Ruins''' are located about 800 m further from Gutmanis Cave up the Serpentine road. The Cable car take tourists to Sigulda side every half hour.
*'''Sigulda New Castle''' built in the end of 19th century. Restaurant and city council is located in castle.
* Do a '''canoe tour in the national park'''. Take care of your arms. :-)*Ride '''Latvia's only cable car''' across the Gauja valley and enjoy the view. L2 one way (Nov 2009 correctJuly 2011).*Walk the wooded trails to '''Turaida'''. Take the cable car across the valley, then up and down a variety of paths and steps to Turaida village and castle, before returning along the river valley and a visit to '''Gutman's Cave'''. Distance is around 10km10 km.* <see name="Sigulda Adventure Park Tarzāns" alt="Sigulda Adventure Park Tarzāns" address="Sigulda, Peldu 1, Latvija" directions="The largest outdoor adventure park in the Baltics" phone="+371 27001187" email="[email protected]" fax="" url="" hours="daily 10:00 – 20:00" price=""></see>*In winter, slide down the '''artificial bobsled track''' or '''ski''' in the mini ski resort. During summer weekends, the bobsled run is also converted for use by 'wheel-bobs'.* Experience a '''toboggan ride''' down the hill. *'''Amusement park Wild cat'''. Adventure Park Mežakaķis is a sporty activity or a walk in the trees, and it is designed for people that are fond of active lifestyle and spending time in open air. *'''Aerodium''' is the free flight simulator - first vertical wind tunnel in Eastern Europe. It breaks gravity rules and allows you to fly with the help of newest technologies!* '''Elvi Bowling''' 1 Vidus Street, Ph: +371 67970007.
*'''Aparjods'' [] music club next to the hotel and restaurant Aparjods.*'''Latroze''' [] located next to the main highway A2.*'''Melnais Kaķis''' []located in the city centre. Open every evening from 22.00 p.m. to 2.00 a.m. Everu weekend is disco opened from 22.00 p.m. to 4.00 a.m.*'''Elvi Bouling''' 1 Vidus Street, Sigulda, Ph: +371 67970007==Buy==
==Buy==*'''City card Siguldas spieķisSigulda Walking Stick''' [] is the key to unique Sigulda experience most popular tourist souvenir for individual travelersmore than a hundred years. What The canes have different sizes, starting from very small (almost like a keyring) till actual size, which you will get with your City card: Free entry to could use exploring the main sights and the museumcity. You can find them at Turaida castle, Money saving special offersTourism information centre, ChoiceGutmanis cave, flexibility & convenienceetc.
In the centre of town (Pils Iela) there are two large buffet / cafés open throughout the day all week from Breakfast until late evening opposite the main shopping area. There is also a Hesburger outlet beyond the bobsleigh course, but this is a good walk from everything else.
In Turaida we found there are no hot food options for lunch beyond a microwaved hot dog at the village store.
*'''Melnais Kaķis''' []located in the city centre. Open every evening from 22.00 p.m. to 2.00 a.m. Every weekend is disco opened from 22.00 p.m. to 4.00 a.m.
*'''Siguldas Pludmale''', Peldu iela 2, Ph: (+371) 29244948, fax:(+371) 67970164. e-mail: [email protected] Nice camping place for a canoe tour.
*'''Hotel Sigulda''' [], 6 Pils Street, Sigulda, Ph: +371 67972263, +371 67971443, e-mail: [email protected]
*'''SPA Hotel Ezeri''' [], Ezeri, Sigulda parish, Ph: +371 67973009, e-mail: [email protected]
*'''Latroze''' [] located next to the main highway A2.
==Get out==
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