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+12 C Summers are hot, averaging over 30°C (53 F86°F) in the daytime, however, due to low humidity levels in eastern Turkey, temperatures are much more comfortable than a humid place. At nights it is common at nights even in the hottest month of the year (August) for temperatures to drop to 12°C (53°F), so be sure to take at least a cardigan, if not something that would keep you warmer. Winters are very cold with temperatures mostly below -5°C (23°F), so take clothes to keep you warm and comfortable.
==Get in==
===By train===
''Vangölü Ekspresi'' ("Lake Van Express") departs from [[Istanbul]]’s Asian station (Haydarpaşa) twice a week on Mondays and Fridays at 10:55PM and arrives in Tatvan station after a 40-hr journey, on Wednesdays and Sundays at 2:17PM. This train also calls at a number of cities and towns across Asian Turkey, including [[Eskişehir]], [[Ankara]], [[Kayseri]], [[Sivas]], [[Malatya]], and [[Elazig|Elazığ]] among others. [[Inter Rail]] pass is accepted in this train. See Turkish railway authority’s website [] for detailed information.
There is also another train from Elazığ, passing [[Muş]] on the way, which operate at least once weekly. It arrives at Tatvan at Tuesday evenings. Train station is in the upper part of the town (northwest of downtown), about 20 minutes walk away from the town centre. It's off the main highway to [[Bitlis]], but its entrance is not immediately visible from the road because of some buildings and trees inbetween—you may have to ask around. The station lies at the end of a spur line—the main line normally heads straight to the train ferry harbour. All passenger trains to the area do make the de-tour and call at the station, though.
===By boat===
Train ferries connect Tatvan with [[Van]], a rather large city located on the eastern shore of Lake Van. These ferries accept pedestrian passengers whether they have a connecting train ticket or not. It takes four hours to cross the lake. If coming from the town center, ask the dolmus driver for "ferryboat".
Ferries crossing the lake depart every day from north of the town centrecenter at ~07:00, ~12:00 and ~19:00 (5 TL) (as of June 2012).
===By car===
A wide highway which is in a very good condition connects Tatvan with the city of [[Bitlis]] lying 20 or so km inland from the lake. In the other direction along the lake the city of [[Van]] is 140 km away.
===By bus===
Town's small ''otogar'' (bus station) is located on the highway to [[Bitlis]], north of downtown, about half an hour's worth of walk from town centre, and not very far from the train station. ''Dolmuş''es are also available to the centre. However, most inter-city bus companies have offices in town centre, too. In fact, most ''otogar'' offices are open only during day hours, with most companies prefering to use central offices during the night, which are far more convenient during the day hours, too.
There is at least one daily bus to town from surrounding cities such as [[Van]], [[Batman]] (which costs 15 TL and takes around three and a half hours), and [[Diyarbakir|Diyarbakır]].
==Get around==
* <do name="Lake Van tours" alt="" address="" directions="" phone="" email="" fax="" url="" hours="" price="4 TL/person">You can join boat tours on Lake Van departing daily from the waterfront.</do>
* <do name="Drink Tea with the locals" alt="" address="" directions="" phone="" email="" fax="" url="" hours="" price="">Take a stroll down the main street on an evening and it's more than likely you will be asked to join some friendly locals for Cay (Turkish Tea). A great way to meet local Kurdish people.</do>
A handful of hotels are located in the town centre along, or just off, the main street (near the post office). Most are clearly sign posted. Most single rooms cost between 40-90 TL. The only truly budget option is Gayda Otel. Altilar Hotel is now closed.
* <sleep name="Gayda Otel" alt="" address="" directions="On the main road through Tatvan, ~150m past the Carrefour, just after the mosque and footbridge, on the right side of the road" phone="+90 434 827-55-04" url="" checkin="" checkout="" price="20 TL single" lat="" long="">Shared bathrooms, semi-dirty toilets, no breakfast, small clean rooms, comfortable clean beds, very nice staff, no English, wifi, safe atmosphere. There is another Gayda Otel that is more modern (50 TL single). If you ask to see it, one of the staff will take you.</sleep>
Camping by the lakes on Mt Nemrut is also a (free) option. Although the amount of litter can be a bit off putting.
The telephone code of Tatvan is '''434''' (+90 434 when calling from out of Turkey).
There is an are numerous '''internet cafecafes''' which costs dotted along the main street in the town centre (some more modern than others) costing 1.50 or 2 TL/hour, . There is one just upstairs from the ticket office of ''Van Gölü Seyahat'' bus company in the town centre, open till late at night and very convenient if you're looking into spending your time until your departure.
==Get out==
* [[Erzurum]] to the north; [[Malatya]] to the west; [[Diyarbakir]], [[Hasankeyf]], and [[Southeastern Anatolia]] to the southwest; [[Van]] to the east, across the lake(Flag down a dolmus for 10TL). If you have your passport ready with a visa, why not try moving on further east to [[Iran]]&mdash;which is possibly why you are in Tatvan in the first place anyway.
* [[Ahlat]] to north on the northwestern coast of Lake Van, about 45 minutes away from Tatvan by minibus, is, unlike Tatvan, a town of historical importance with some artifacts to see. Its main sight is a large Seljuk graveyard in the wide open steppe, though not as spooky as you might think, with elegant headstones with much stonework.

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