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Central Africa

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Other destinations
| regionmap=Central Africa regions map.png
| regionmaptext=Central Africa regions
| regionmapsize=260px400px
| region1name=[[Angola]]
| region1color=#bba180
| region1items= | region1description=Former Portuguese colony which went through a brutal civil war. Now largely safe, but has been surprisingly slow to appear on the tourist radar
| region2name=[[Central African RepublicCameroon]]| region2color=#69835c71b673| region2items= | region2description=Sometimes referred to as ''Africa in Miniature'', the terrain includes rain forest, desert plains, mountains and high plateau.
| region3name=[[Democratic Central African Republic of the Congo]]| region3color=#569a7269835c| region3items= | region3description=Huge, blessed with incredible natural wealth Dense jungle in the south and beauty, culturally diversesemi arid in the Sahelian north, and extremely this very unstable and dangerouscountry is very much off the radar for visitors.
| region4name=[[Equatorial GuineaDemocratic Republic of the Congo]]| region4color=#bb7cda569a72| region4items=| region4description=Perhaps the continent's most corrupt countryHuge, where massive oil blessed with incredible natural wealth is confiscated by a thuggish governmentand beauty, culturally diverse, and is not a terribly safe place to travel, but it has great beaches, laid-back beach bars, extremely unstable and locals speak [[Spanish phrasebook|Spanish]]dangerous
| region5name=[[GabonEquatorial Guinea]]| region5color=#70a0a0bb7cda| region5items=| region5description=Perhaps one of the continent's most corrupt country, where massive oil wealth is confiscated by a thuggish government, is not a terribly safe place to travel, but it has great beaches, laid-back beach bars, and locals speak [[Spanish phrasebook|Spanish]].
| region6name=[[Republic of the CongoGabon]]| region6color=#8abb9870a0a0| region6items=| region6description=Has escaped the strife afflicting other Central African states; rich in oil and mineral reserves and a high biodiversity.
| region7name=[[Sao Tome and PrincipeRepublic of the Congo]]| region7color=#ec60388abb98| region7items=| region7description=Huge tracts of forest with a small population mean great potential for eco-tourism, but the country is still to fully recover from a terrible war in the 1990s  | region8name=[[São Tomé and Príncipe]]| region8color=#ec6038| region8items=| region8description=Tiny islands in the Gulf of Guinea | region9name=[[South Sudan]]| region9color=#84ad70| region9items=| region9description=The world's newest country, split off from warring neighbor Sudan in July 2011
*[[Bangui]] — capital of the [[Central African Republic]]*[[Cabinda]]— [[Angola|Angolan]] exclave with large oil wealth and an active independence movement*[[Brazzaville]] — capital of the [[Republic of the Congo]]; contiguous with its much larger neighbour across the Congo river, [[Kinshasa]]*[[Goma]] — gateway town to wonderful volcano trekking and gorilla park in the [[Kivu]] region of the [[Democratic Republic of the Congo]]*[[Kinshasa]]— capital of the [[Democratic Republic of the Congo]]*[[Libreville]]capital of [[Gabon]] and a major oil commerce centre*[[Luanda]]— the capital of [[Angola]] which has been through a huge renaissance in past decade*[[Malabo]] — capital of [[Equatorial Guinea]] located offshore on the island of [[Bioko]]*[[Yaoundé]] — the capital of [[Cameroon]]
==Other destinations==
* [[Dzanga Sangha National Reserve]] — large rainforest park on the Sangha River in [[Republic of the Congo]].* [[Garamba National Park]] — a vast, isolated national park in the [[Democratic Republic of the Congo]], which has recently become relatively safe to visit, if you have enough time to actually get there!* [[Lesio Louna Gorilla Reserve]] — is dedicated to the protection of gorillas in the [[Republic of the Congo]].* [[Loango National Park]] — a 100-km stretch of virgin beaches and adjacent rainforest in [[Gabon]], both scenic and a place to view leopards, elephants, gorillas, & monkeys on the beach.* [[Maiko National Park]] - vast park in the [[Democratic Republic of the Congo]] which is sadly off limits for most travelers tourists due to constant conflict in the area.* [[Manovo-Gounda St. Floris National Park]] — a UNESCO World Heritage Site and important national park in the [[Central African Republic]].* [[Virunga_National_ParkNgoketunjia]] — a beautiful grasslands region in [[Cameroon]] inhabited by semi-Bantu and Fulani people.* [[Virunga National Park]] — Africa's first national park, very important park in for the future conservation of the mountain gorilla, and threatened by the [[Democratic Republic of the Congo]] for the future conservation of the Mountain Gorilla's conflicts.
==Get out==
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