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CS isn't the only ones displaying this sort of behavior, as a brief read of this page shows this fight has been going on for a while between the two sites. Is there any way someone less bias could edit this page to be less like reading the arguments of a (soon to be divorced) married couple? -[[User:Kayla|Kayla]] 03:57, 13 March 2010 (EST)
== 972-284-0600 / 9722840600 - Phone Number Details - Reverse Number Check ==
2 days ago I got a phone call from 9722840600 Or 972-284-0600 and was convinced the caller was a scam.
So without thinking, I went nuts - and called the the company (Gulf Coast Western) and bitch.
Anyway, I feel like such a fool Gulf Coast Western -an Oil Company- called We're contacting me about employment. Apparently I got the job
How do I fix this!!!

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