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By train
From Istanbul’s Asian station (Haydarpaşa), you can find several trains heading for either station every day (In fact, any pessenger train departing from Haydarpaşa, except the suburban trains and regional expresses which head for nearby Adapazarı, passes through and stops in Eskişehir). Price depends on the fastness of train and ranges between roughly 10 TL (the cheapest) and 20 TL (the most expensive)(20% discount for students possible in every train). Unlike many other examples in Turkey, rail travel between Istanbul and Eskişehir generally takes the same or less time than bus travel (it takes between 4 and 6 hours, depending on the train).
Ankara is connected to the central station of Eskişehir by recently started fast train service (''YHT'') four seven times a day (which takes 1h 20min and costs 25 TL pp), in addition to a wide number of conventional trains (which are mostly heading for Istanbul, Izmir, or other cities to the west of Ankara via Eskişehir).
===By car===

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