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Castilian Spanish phrasebook

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Basics: added phrase sbout wi-wfi
; b : like 'b' in "boy"
; ca : like 'ca' in "café"
; ce : like 'the' in "theretheatre" [theh] /the tongue ought to be between both teeth/
; ci : like 'the' in "thesis" [thee]
; co : like 'co' in "cork" [koh]
; cu : like 'coo' in "cook" [koo]
; ch : like 'ch' in "church"
; d : its more palatalized than the English 'd' at the beginning of a word and between vowels and at the end of a word its pronounced as 'th' as in "this" and at times it becomes silent.
; f : like 'f' in "fish"
; ga : like 'ga' in "gargle" [gah]
; gue : like 'ge' in "get" [geh]
; gui : like 'gee' in "geek" [gee]
; güi : like 'gwi'
; h : this letter is silent and its not pronounced
; j : this sound is always guttural and a throaty sound like the 'ck' in "block" [kh]
; k : like 'k' in "keep"
; l : like 'l' in "lime"
; ll : like 'y' in "yes"(Also pronounced like 'ly' in "homely" or "amply." Though still used in a few parts of Spain, this form is dying out.)
; m : like 'm' in "monkey"
; n : like 'n' in "nice"
; x : like 's' in "saw"
; y : by itself is like 'y' in "possibly" and 'y' in "yes"
; z : like 'th' in "thosethink"
===Common diphthongs===
; Mr./Sir. : Señor. (''seh-NYOHR'')
; Miss. : Señorita. (''seh-nyoh-REE-thah'')
;Do you have wi-fi? : ¿Tiene wi-fi? ("tee-EH-ne WEE-fee?")
===Language Barrier===
; Do you speak English? : ¿Habla usted inglés? (''AH-blah oos-TEHTH een-GLEHS?'')
; Does anyone here speaks English? : ¿Alguien aquí habla el inglés? (''ahl-GEE-ehn ah-KEE HAHAH-blah ehl een-GLEHS?''); I speak a little..... : Hablo un poco..... (''HAHAH-bloh oon POH-koh'')
; I understand. : Entiendo. (''ehn-TYEHN-thoh'')
; I don't understand. : No entiendo. (''noh ehn-TYEHN-thoh'')
; Could you speak more slowly, please? : ¿Podría Usted hablar más lento, por favor? (''poh-DRYAH oos-TEHTH HAHah-blahr BLAHR MAHS LEHN-toh, pohr fah-BOHR?'')
; Could you repeat that, please? : ¿Podría usted repetir eso, por favor? (''poh-DRYAH oos-TEHTH reh-peh-TEER EH-soh, pohr fah-BOHR?'')
; Could you show me in my dictionary/phrasebook? : ¿Podría usted mostrarme en mi diccionario/libro de frases? (''poh-DRYAH oos-TEHTH mohs-TRAHR-meh ehn mee deek-thyoh-NAH-ryoh/ LEE-broh theh frah-SEHS?'')
Most of the signs in major cities in Spain are by pictures instead of actual lettered signs so refer to an European travel guide which will contain the rules for road or city signs.
; I want to rent a car. : Quiero alquilar un coche. (''KYEH-roh ahl-KEE-lahr oon KOH-cheh'')
; stop (''on a street sign'') : stop (''stohp'')
; one way : unica manera (''oo-NEE-kah mah-NEH-rah'')
; yield : yield Ceda el paso (''...THEH-thah ehl PAH-soh''); no parking : no parking No aparcamiento (''...noh ah-pahr-kah-MYEHN-toh'')
; speed limit : límite de velocidad (''LEE-mee-teh theh beh-loh-THEE-thahd'')
; gas (''petrol'') station : estación de gasolina / gasolinera (''ehs-tah-THYOHN theh gah-soh-LEE-nah/gah-soh-lee-NEH-rah'')
; I haven't done anything wrong. : Yo no he hecho nada malo. (''yoh noh eh EH-choh NAH-thah MAH-loh'')
; It was a misunderstanding. : Fue un malentendido. (''fweh oon mah-lehn-tehn-THEE-thoh'')
; Where are you taking me? : ¿Adónde me llevas? (''ah-THOHN-theh meh YEH-bahs?'')
; Am I under arrest? : ¿Estoy bajo arresto? (''EHS-toy BAH-khoh ahr-REHS-toh?'')
; I am an American/Australian/British/Canadian citizen. : Yo soy un americano/australiano/inglése/ciudadano canadiense. (''yoh soy oon ah-meh-ree-KAH-noh/ows-trah-LYAH-noh/een-GLEH-seh/thyoo-thah-THAH-noh kah-nah-THYEHN-seh'')
; I want to talk to the American/Australian/British/Canadian embassy/consulate. : Tengo que hablar con el estadounidense / australiano / británico / embajada de canadá o el consulado. (''TEHN-goh keh AH-blahr kohn ehl ehs-tah-THOW-nee-thehn-seh/ ows-trah-LYAH-noh/ bree-TAH-nee-koh/ ehm-bah-KHAH-thah theh kah-nah-THAH oh ehl kohn-soo-LAH-thoh'')
; I want to talk to a lawyer. : Quiero hablar con un abogado. (''KYEH-roh AH-blahr kohn oon ah-boh-GAH-thoh'')
; Can I just pay a fine now? : ¿Puedo pagar una multa ahora? (''PWEH-thoh PAH-gahr OO-nah MOOL-tah ah-OH-rah?'')
==Learning more==

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