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[[Image:DSC_0193.jpg|350px|thumb|View of Nanda Devi massif and Nanda Devi East from near Almora.]]
'''Uttarakhand''' (Hindi: उत्तराखण्ड) [], until 2007 known as '''Uttaranchal''', is a stunningly beautiful state in the [[Himalayan North]] of [[India]]. It is broken up into a western part, named "Garhwal", and an eastern part named "Kumaon". Garhwal is moreeasily accessed. 
Two main regions of Uttarakhand are :
{{style}} [[ImageFile:RishikeshTrayambakeshwar.jpgJPG|350px|thumb|A view of the Ganges flowing through RishikeshTrayambakeshwar Temple, Lakshman Jhula.]]
[[Image:Chopta22.jpg|350px|thumb|Meadows & Clouds at Chopta.]]
[[Image:HarKiDun.jpg|350px|thumb|Camps at Har Ki Dun Valley,Uttarkashi.]]
[[Image:Chamba.jpg|350px|thumb|Chamba Town & Valley, near Mussoorie.]]
* [[Dehradun]] - the capital, called "Oxford of India" known for boarding schools - Doon School, has Welhams and St. Joseph's Academy. Important government agencies like Indian Military Academy, Survey of India and ONGC headquarters, are headquartered here. Forest Research Institute, Rajaji National Park & lots of other beautiful picnic places & many Govt./ Educational Institutions.
<!-- capital top, the rest in alphabetic order -->
* [[Almora]] - a hill station
* [[Chamba]] - near to Mussoorie, provides a great view of Chamba Valley & the Bhagirathi River (The Ganga). It's a paradise for nature lovers, as it's surrounded by Alpine forests. It's proximity to Dehradun, Rishikesh & Tehri Dam is a great plus.
* [[Gwaldam]] - it's a beautiful hamlet in the Chamoli District, one can get close up views of Trishul & Nanda Devi peaks, it's a base camp for Roopkund & Bedni Bugyal (meadows).
* [[Haridwar]] - holy city on the Ganges and one of the sites of Kumbh Mela, the world's largest festival
* [[Harshil]] - a real paradise on the earth, on the way to Gangotri.
* [[Hemkund]]
* [[Kotdwar]] - is a developing town. Famous kanvashram is situated here which is linked to the story of shakuntala and Dushyant.
* [[Jageshwar]] - temple town
* [[Joshimath]] - gateway to Badrinath, valley of flowers, Hemkund and the ski resort of Auli
* [[Lansdowne]] - a beautiful hill station, there's Garhwal Rifles Headquarters.
* [[Mukteshwar]]
* [[Munsyari]], Pithoragarh - Paradise on earth
* [[Mussoorie]] - hill station, also known as "The Queen of Hills". It provides panoramic views of both the Himalayas & Doon valley.
* [[Nainital]] - hill station; The Lake District
* [[Panwali Bugyal]] - One of the most beautiful bugyals (meadows). It's in Tehri District, on the trek from Gangotri to Kedarnath.
* [[Pithoragarh]]
* [[Rishikesh]] - the Yoga capital of the world, the biggest agglomeration of ashrams, meditation centers and temples. It is famous for its lakshman and ram jhula also.Sachcha Dham, ashram of Sachcha Baba is near lakshman jhula. Also there is Neelkanth Mahadev temple few kms from Rishikesh. * [[Roorkee]] - the education capital of Uttarakhand. One of the seven Indian Institutes of Technology is located here.* [[Ranikhet]]- is a wonderful town to see
==Other destinations ==
*[[Bhojwasa]] - On way to Gomukh.A must visit.
*[[Jageshwar]]-Eight Jyotirlingya of Lord Shiva*[[Chakrata]] - Picturesque, less frequented Hill station []
*[[Choukari]]- A sleepy picturesque hill station. You would get one of the best view of Mount Nandadevi
*[[Corbett National Park]] - The oldest National Park of India
*[[Yamunotri]] - The source of the Yamuna River
*[[Nachiketa Taal]]
== Understand ==
Uttaranchal in the Himalayan region is one of the most picturesque states of the country and has in store several tourist destinations that range from hill stations to popular towns to pilgrim destinations.
== Talk ==
There are many ways to enter Uttrakhand. If you are interested in seeing the Garhwal region you can enter through either Haridwar or Kotdwar. Haridwar is the more popular entrance. For both options there are regular bus and train services available from New Delhi.
'''Delhi-Dehradun Taxicabs''' - +91 9458900168
== Get around ==
'''Dehradun:''' Dehradun is the capital city of the Uttaranchal state. This is one of the oldest cities of India, located in mountain range of Himalayan. This city is also termed as the “Oxford of India”, as it is best known educational centres of India.
"'''Hotel Ganga Kinare''' (237, Virbhadra Road, Rishikesh, India, +911146223300, [email protected])is '''''the best located hotel in Rishikesh''''' ( ). The hotel is located along the right bank of the Ganga and overlooks the picturesque Rajaji National Park. Hotel Ganga Kinare has played host to the internationally renowned '''International Yoga Week''' on 9 occasions and has played a huge role in spreading the popularity of rishikesh as the most important Yoga destination globally. Its list of clientele includes various heads of states, international personalities and celebrities from both within India and internationally.
The hotel has two beautifully landscaped lawns - Ganga Vatika and Sadhna. These lawns are liked most by the Yoga Groups for their morning sessions and for spiritual lectures and programs. The property also boasts of probably one of "the most idyllic coffee shop - Rangoli - anywhere in the world". Sitting on the deck gives one a feeling of moving on water as the river flows below it. The Hotel also has a Machan, a place on the bank of river Ganga overlooking a beauty of nature, where in-house guests can have small gatherings, right in the lap of nature.
Hotel Ganga Kinare also has the Ganga Devi Temple situated on its private ghat where an in-house Pujari is available for private pujas and rituals. Daily Ganga Aarti in the morning and evening is performed. A special Aarti for Guests is also arranged on request in advance. Hotel has a PRIVATE GHAT for bathing and holy dip in the river Ganga, Private Bathrooms and Changing rooms at Ghat for those who want absolute privacy, bath towels and Gowns available on request."
== Do ==
Uttarakhand is a great place for '''[ trekking]'''. At the lower levels, there are forests and wildlife. At the upper reaches, you go past the tree line to snow clad mountains.
There are many trip designs which can be conceived of, but there are perhaps around 20 trips
which are the most popular. See also: [[Leave-no-trace camping]] and [[Wilderness backpacking]]
* Panwali Bugyal Trek, Tehri District - it leads to Triguninarayan, a place where the eternal flame of Shiva & Sati's (Parvati's previous incarnation) marriage is still kindling
* Gangotri Glacier Trek - Tapovan (meditation ground of Gods), Gaumukh (source of Ganga)& Shivling Mountain
* Satopanth Swargarohini Trek - near Badrinath, one of the most pristine treks. Satopanth tal is a lake at an altitude of 4600m.
* Pindari glacier trip
* Chandrashila Trek, Chopta - Chandrashila commands the most beautiful view of the Himalayas in the whole region, especially Chaukhamba & Nanda Devi. There's one of the Panch Kedars - Tungnath's temple - the highest temple of Shiva
* Kafni glacier trek
* Kalindni Pass Trek - Gangotri to Badrinath - a lifetime dream for many an adventurer.
* Deoriatal Trek- Deoriatal Trek is one of the famous trekking destinations in Himachal PradeshUttarakhand. One can drive up to the Sari village near Ukhimath, from where it is a short 4 kms walk to the lake. Trekking can be done for entire year in Deoriatal. Tungnath is the highest temple in the Himalayas and Chandrasilla summit Deoriatal a rock face above the face of the Tungnath.
== Eat ==
'''Kumaoni food''' is very simple but very nutritious completely suits the hard environment of the Himalayas.Pulses like gehet are fashioned into different preparations like ras-bhaat, chains, faanda and thatwaani all are unique preparations from the same pulse. Jholi or curry seasoned with curd. Chudkan
* '''Bal Mithai''' is a brown chocolate-like fudge, made with roasted khoya, coated with white sugar balls.
*'''Dubka''' is a simple dish made from various lentils. These are grounded and a curry like dish is prepared from the grounded lentils andmade with few local spices available in the Kumaon hills like jamboo and jakhiya.Its usually made in an iron wok and eaten with rice.
*'''Chains''' is a preparation of whole urad which are first roasted then ground and then seasoned into a soup.
*'''Kaap''' is a dish prepared with spinach leaves crushed into a paste and cooked withother condiments.
*'''Jhoi''' is a curry seasoned with curd and curry leaves.
*'''Bhatt ki Churkani''' is a soup like preparation of bhatt pulses eaten with rice.
*'''Saag''' is a fried dish of green vegetables. Can be made from any of the various green vegetables like palak (spinach), lai, methi and so on.
*'''Aaloo gutuk''' and '''Pinalu Gutuk''' are fried potaoe or pinalu , seasoned with spices.
Pretty much all kinds of food are available here.
* Kumauni
* Garhwali
* Indian
In the tourists centers such as Badrinath, Gujarati, Marwari, and other regional cuisines are available for the hordes of religious pilgrims that descend on the holy sites every summer.
It is believed that the divine and powerful sages are living in the unchartered areas of Utharkhand. In some canes or dens lot of sages are abiding with their disciples. But is very hard to get there.
== Drink ==
==Get out==
 One may take up one of the trekking tours to have a walk in Chopta, Tungnath, Deoria Taal and Chandrasheela. Eg: [ Chopta Tungnath Trekking Package]. Such tours are fun packed trekking package for Chopta, Tungnath, Chandrasheela and Deoria Tal by Travel Tour Packages. Visit very spectacular destinations with crystal clear view of Himalayan range. Indulge in the beauty of mirror-like reflections of Himalaya from Deoria Tal. Feel the sound of Himalyan mountains at 4000 ft high Chandrasheela. Enjoy the warmth of Tungnath temple on way back to Chopta. Or, simply dive in the natural garden of Buransh - a destination considered to be the Switzerland of India. The package includes night stay in swiss tents, awesome Himalayan food, photography sessions and support of professional mountaineers. The package is ideal for group of friends looking out for fun-packed adventurous exploratory trekking trips. Whitewater rafting on Ganges can be an exciting experience. Apart from Ganges, there are several other rivers in Uttarakhand. There are lot of operators offering Rafting day trips on the Ganges at Rishikesh. To get deeper experience of this sport, one can consider the [ Ganga rafting expedition ]. There is a [ whitewater kayak school on the Ganges], where one can learn whitewater kayaking or do kayaking trips.      {{isInisPartOf|Himalayan_NorthHimalayan North}}
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