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Konye Urgench

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'''Konye Urgench''' is a city in Northern [[Dashoguz Province]], [[Turkmenistan]].
* '''Nedjameddin Kubra Mausoleum''' was built in the 14th century It is considered as the holiest place in Konye Urgench. ''Nedjameddin Kubra'' lived in the 12th/13th centuries. He was born in Khiva and became a famous religious teacher and known as 'designer of saints'. He left several treatises on mystic experiences, founded an important Sufic order. He and was killed by the Mongols. Please inquire locally if you are permitted to enter the mausoleum.
* '''Konye Urgench Museum''' in the modern ''Dash mosque'' ( US$1, 8am to 1pm, 2pm to 4pm closed Tue). Some rooms contain ethnographic exhibits including a pottery workshop and carpet looms.
*<see name="Ak Kala Fortress" alt="" address="" directions="" phone="" url="" hours="" price="" lat="" long="">1st to 13th cent.</see>
*<see name="Izmukshir" alt="" address="" directions="" phone="" url="" hours="" price="" lat="" long="">The ancient city of ''Zamakshar'' with magnificent fortress ruins was the birthplace of the great 10th cent. philosopher ''Az-Zamakshari''</see>
*<see name="Dashmechet Madrasah" alt="" address="" directions="80 m East of the Nadzhimetdin Kuvra Mausoleum" phone="" url="" hours="" price="" lat="" long="">The Madrasah was erected in the beginning of the 20th cent. It is a one storey brick building with a high portal, 4 towers and 19 living rooms for the students.</see>
*<eat name="Bedev Cafe" alt="" address="Azadi köcesi" directions="" phone="21044" url="" hours="7am to 9pm" price="US$ 3" lat="" long=""></eat>
There are frequent buses and marschrutki to [[Ashgabat]] (US$4, 10 to 12 hours) and to [[Dashoguz]] (US$ 0.50, 2 hours). Taxis to [[Ashgabat]] cost about US$6 per seat or US$ 24 for the whole car, to [[Dashoguz]] US$ 0.75 per seat or US$ 3.50 for the whole car.
==Further information==
* Wikipedia article Konye Urgench []
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