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Istanbul/Golden Horn

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* '''Ferries''' from [[Istanbul/Asian_Side|Üsküdar (Asian coast)]], which also call at Eminönü and [[Istanbul/Galata|Karaköy]], zigzag between neighborhood quays located on both shores of the Horn.
==Get around==
Pedestrianized '''Old Galata Bridge''' (''Eski Galata Köprüsü''), built in 1912, and once connecting [[Istanbul/Sultanahmet-Old City|Eminönü]] with [[Istanbul/Galata|Karaköy]], is replaced with the current bridge in its former place after it suffered from a big fire in 1992, and towed to its current upper location on Golden Horn, between '''Feshane Cultural Centre''' (''Feshane Kültür Merkezi'') at the eastern entrance of Eyüp on the southern bank of the Horn and '''Sütlüce''' on the northern bank of the Horn, providing an easy link for pedestrians between sides of the Horn.
Small ferries zigzaging between neighbourhood quays are also another way of crossing to the other side of the Horn.

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