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Mount Roraima

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Get around
==Get around==
There are at least 4 operators:
1.) Backpacker tours, support a german businessman if you like and pay more to hang out with european couples in sports sandals.
2.) Mystic tours - Apparently the oldest one. Good and cheap
3.) Marcos - great cook, slightly more expensive
4.) Francisco - good and cheap too.
There are 5 ways to do it:
1.) Fully ported, porters carry everything - check to see if everything includes sleeping bag, matress personal effects, etc. around 1450 Bsf
2.) Pay-to-be-a-porter, as above, but you carry 12 kgs. around 1150
3.) Self-equipped and -catered -700-800 bsf
4.) Get to paratepui by yourself and hire a guide there (150+ bsf per day for the guide for the entire group)
5.) Going on your own, with or without permission from inparques.
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