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Olympic National Park

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*'''Kalaloch Lodge''' [ web site]Kalaloch is a lodge located on a bluff, just above a beach. The lodge has been in existence for many years, but has recently undergone renovations and become much more tourist friendly. This being said, the view from the lodge is still one of the best in the area, overlooking the pacific ocean. There are cabins available for rent, which are quite expensive, but are the only places to sleep indoors in the area. These cabins are very nice, and well maintained. IF If a large group of people are traveling together, then it may be a fun thing to do to rent one. *'''Lake Quinault Lodge''' [ web site]*'''Sol Duc Hotsprings''' [ web site]*'''Lake Crescent Lodge''' [ web site]*'''Olympic Lodge''' [ web site]*'''Rain Forest Resort Village''' [http:// web site]*'''Olympic Suites Inn''' [ web site]

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