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Colombian Islands

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Colombia has several '''island territories ''' in the Carribean: ==Caribbean==
* [[Isla Tierra Bomba]] — a popular resort island just north of [[Cartagena]]
* [[Islas del Rosario]] — one of Colombia's most popular national parks, with beautiful island beaches of the San Bernardo archipelago, and coral reefs that make for great snorkeling
* [[San Andrés and Providencia]] — an archipelago off the coast of [[Nicaragua]] with some very fine beach resorts
* [[Isla Gorgona]] — formerly one of the world's most beautiful prisons, the island is now a national park
* [[Isla Malpelo]] — a remote island nature preserve and a [[UNESCO World Heritage list|UNESCO World Heritage site]], uninhabited save for a small military outpost
'''Region name''' is in [[Country name]].

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