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===By plane===
[[Chubu International Airport]] (NGO) is the nearest airport to [[Gifu]]. The Meitetsu line will take you trains run directly from the airport to the Meitetsu Gifu Station in downtown Gifustation three times per hour at a cost of ¥1310 for an unreserved seat, or ¥1660 for a reserved seat; seat reservations are mandatory on the limited-stop μSKY trains. The trip takes about one hour.
===By train===
*'''Sanko Art Museum:''' The Sanko Art Museum is located on a hill and affords a view of Mt. Kinka. It is in a quiet area surrounded by Sarastewartia trees (similar to camellias). Coffee, tea, and green tea are served here. The museum houses tea utensils and paintings, including those by Renoir, Chagall, and Ryuzaburo Umehara.
*'''Cormorant Hermitage:''' You can look at a scene of cormorant fishing from an early date, the clothes of the fishing master, a cormorant fishing boat, and other materials at the hermitage. You can watch the 24 cormorants which actually work during the fishing season that are kept in the yard. You will be able to eat and drink coffee and Ayu Zosui (rice porridge with sweetfish) in this place, or other dishes with sweetfish (most are ¥1000). If the fishing master is at home, he will explain this traditional fishing method. You can enjoy a pleasant time listening to the interesting story.
*'''The Museum of Fine Arts, Gifu:''' The Museum of Fine Arts, Gifu has approximately 3,000 works, including the world-famous collection of Odilon Redon. It comprises broad fields, especially the local, modern, and contemporary artists. Temporary exhibitions are held periodically. In addition, you can enjoy our exhibition-related events; talks, lectures, workshops, performances, and so on. Also, there is the beautiful and peaceful garden of 20,000 trees and a stream.
*'''Jolly Pasta[]''' Straight 30-minute walk east from Meitetsu Gifu Station, Jolly Pasta offers authentic Italian/American pasta, pizza, salad, and soups. The prices are very affordable, for example, a pepperoni pizza there costs 500 yen, whereas similarly sized pizzas at the other restaurants in the area are about 900 yen. Their open hours are 11:00-24:00. The nearest train station is Tagami Station.
*'''El Paso''' near Meitetsu Gifu Station serves the best and widest a selection of Mexican food (TexMex) & drinks. They also have a variety of other delicious dishes. Prices are reasonable and the service is great. The waitress speaks a little English and the menu is in English and Japanese. The decor is a little eclectic with Buzz Light Year and Woody from Toy Story. The TV will be playing either sports or Country/Western music videos. The place is a bit small, and can fill up, but they are open until around 1:00 A.M., with fewer customers then. It opens at 7:00PM, and there is a 400 yen charge per person.
*'''The NEMS''' is one kilometer east-southeast of Gifu Station at 2-12-2 Kinen-cho, between the Meitetsu and JR tracks. Serves great Western food & drinks only; no soy sauce or miso in this mom & pop shop. Pilaf, Doria, Cheese Yaki Spaghetti, Spicy Chili Tomato Spaghetti, Gratin, Seafood Risotto, Vegetable Salad, Crustless Pizza, Hot or Cold Barley Berry Tea, and 80 more items are on the menu. Prices are regular and the portions are large. The owner speaks English. The decor is Western with foreign knick-knacks to entertain your eye. There is a selection of English & Japanese magazines and books. Wi-Fi is available to regulars. Native language lessons available from the American, French, Mexican & Japanese family.
*'''Natural Cafe'''
*<eat name="Map Cafe Dubai" alt="" address="" directions="10 minutes south of Nishi-gifu station" phone="" url="" hours="" price="" lat="" long="">Chef Ryuma has lived abroad for many years and cooked in many famous restaurants abroad in Dubai, Italy, London, and Russia. The decorations from around the world he has collected and adorned the restaurant with are worth the visit by themselves, but the food is absolutely world-class for for less 1000yen a dish. </eat>
* '''Bier Hall''', near Gifu Meitetsu station. The main gaijin hangout in Gifu City, and popular with Japanese too. Notable for the incredibly friendly owner, who speaks a little English, and has an astonishing memory for faces. On your second visit she will greet you like a regular! Also of note is the book exchange corner - if you've finished the paperback you bought to read on the plane, feel free to swap it for a different title. Gifu knit club meet here during the winter, so don't be alarmed if you come in on a Tuesday evening and see lots of people with pointy sticks.
*'''BAR LEON''' is kitty-corner from the northeast corner of Yanagase on Kanda-machi street. This place is the second most popular foreigner's hangout in Gifu, and would likely be the favorite place if it was nearer to Gifu Station. It has character, ambiance and a wide variety of Japanese & foreign clientele. Don't let the name fool you: Besides alcohol, a wide variety of live music, and dancing, this place has delicious food (1/2 price on Mondays) like the Whole Chicken, roasted with a Brazilian 12 chicken rotisserie in the Latin American style, and served with a unique spicy, milky-cheesy sauce on the side.
*'''Scrum''' is a small bar located above Bier Hall (go up some stairs to the left of Bier Hall). The theme, not surprisingly, given the name, is rugby, more specifically the New Zealand All Blacks- who the very friendly owner is obviously a huge fan of. At Scrum you'll find a good selection of imported beers, a pool table, and plenty of posters of NZ rugby players. *<drink name="Marquee Australian Bar" alt="" address="6-11-5 KANDAMACHI" directions="5 mins from Meitetsu St, walk straight past Mcdonalds until just past the first major intersection. Across from the shrine" phone="058-214-7150 Mob: 0803-630-0554 (Chris)" url="" checkin="" checkout="" price="" lat="" long="">Australian Bar. Located on the Main Street of Gifu. Great meals,international, beers and cocktails. Owner is Chris from Melbourne and can help you out if you have any problems, the only international bar in town.</drink>
Stingy backpackers may wish to note that whilst Gifu does have a single manga cafe, it offers a single tatami with a table covering half of it as its flat booth, making it not really one suitable for sleeping within.There are lots of famous people there
==Get out==
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