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== Request ==
Hi, Sorry to bother you, would you consider uploading your image "Image:PalermoGesu.jpg" to the Wikipedia commons with an appropriate copyright tag, as I would really love to use it for an article I am writing here []. If you don't want to - no problems, but it's a great photo and would help define 17th century Sicilian architecture very well. You can find me here [] Thanks - Giacomo
== Palermo ==
That is really kind of you, thanks very much indeed. Yes, I wll put something at Palermo there also, (it may be a week or so, and could you check my English grammar - it's dodgy!) Its a great photo, you may be intersted to know that the photos in my article (I can say this as I have taken none of them) are better than those in the only authorative work {Anthony Blunt) on the subject [[User:|]] 14:46, 18 Oct 2005 (EDT)
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