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Mexico City/Condesa and Roma

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*'''Parque Mexico'''— This park, located in the middle of the neighborhood, is an obliged obligatory visit when you are in La Condesa. The park was built in the early 1920's. The main square of the park hosts frequent music bands and they also have stalls selling handcrafts and clothing. The park has a famous fountain of a woman and also a clock erected by the Armenian community.
There are many small shops around Condesa, selling clothing from independent designers, crafts and trendy stuff. This place recalls the Palermo neighborhood in Buenos Aires or SOHO in New York.
*<buy name="ZiniK" alt="Radical Fashion " address="Amsterdam 12" directions="Col. Condesa" phone="55533277" url="" hours="13:30-20:00" price="" lat="" long="">You can find exclusive designs and best prices.</buy>
*<buy name="Just Pride" alt="Jewelry" address="Nuevo Leon 192 int 101" directions="Col. Condesa" phone="+52 55 5211 9945" url="" hours="11:00-19:00" price="" lat="" long="">The best in jewelry for gay couples.</buy>
Visit some of the nice book shops in the area.
*<see name="Librerìa Librería Rosario Castellanos del Fondo de Cultura Económica (FCE)" alt="" address="Tamaulipas 202, Col. Condesa" directions="cross street Benjamin Hill" phone="" url="" hours="" price="" lat="" long="">One of the biggest bookstores in Latin America, you . Worth the stop just to see the gorgeous interior. You can spend hours just browsing through the shelves.</see>
*<see name="Cafebreria El PenduloPéndulo" alt="" address="Nuevo León 115, Col. Condesa" directions="cross street MichoacanVicente Suárez" phone="+52 55 5286 9493" url="" hours="" price="" lat="" long="">Bookstore-slash-library that has with a wide selection of books that will appease all tastes.</see>
Condesa has a developed restaurant scene, centered on a few blocks surrounding the triple-street intersection of Michoacán, Atlixco and Vincente Suárez, which can be pretty crowded during the day and very popular at night, especially on weekends. The restaurant area extends all along Michoacán from Tamaulipas to Mazatlan. You will find the majority of the restaurants listed below in this area.
*<eat name="Barracuda Diner" alt="" address="Nuevo León and Sonora, Col. Condesa" directions="" phone="" url="" hours="Always open" price="$100-200" lat="" long="">All-night hip diner with what might be Mexico City's only US-style diner food. Popular place to go after going out drinking. Reasonable, but not exactly low prices.</eat>
*<eat name="Bistro Mosaico" alt="" address="Michoacán 10, Col. Condesa" directions="between Amsterdam and Insurgentes" phone="" url="" hours="" price="" lat="" long="">It is said that French people living in Mexico frequently dine here and highly recommend it. It is rather expensive and haute French cuisine. They also sell excellent European style bread over the counter..</eat>
*<eat name="Café La Glória" alt="" address="Michoacán, Col. Condesa" directions="across from Mama Rosa'sPrimarossa" phone="" url="" hours="Daily 1PM-11PM" price="$80-200" lat="" long="">Reasonably priced Asian/Italian fusion with a Mexican touch, good bar and good coffee. The staff is laid back to the point of being unprofessional, don't worry about asking twice for your order. Try the pasta with chicken and sesame seed oil/soy sauce.</eat>
*<eat name="Califa" alt="" address="Alfonso Reyes, Col. Condesa& Altata" directions="a block or two from Av. Nuevo León" phone="" url="" hours="Su-We 1PM-11PM, Th-Sa 1PM-5AM" price="$100-200" lat="" long="">A little overpriced, but very high quality tacos. The specialty is the gaonera (try the one with cheese), a large, thin slice of tender beef, roasted and placed on a tortilla. The house salsas are also notable for being made with fried tomatoes. After dinner, try the traditional Mexican coffee with cinnamon, café de olla.</eat>
*<eat name="Casbah" alt="" address="Amsterdam, Col. Hipódromo Condesa" directions="nearest cross-street Iztaccihuatl" phone="" url="" hours="Tu-Su" price="$150-300" lat="" long="">Authentic Moroccan food, with the requisite atmosphere. Everything on the menu is good, accompany it with the house tea, and try the house dessert, if you have a high sugar tolerance.</eat>
*<eat name="Don Asado" alt="" address="MichoacánMy wife and I ate here last night (based on the above recommendation). The food was not as good or authentic as it should have been, Colgiven the prices. Condesa" directions="between cross streets Nuevo León The starter we ordered were basically spring rolls with an unflavoured meat inside, and Tamaulipas" phone="" url="" hours="Daily" price="$200-300" lat="" long="">Family run Uruguayan restaurant the chicken tagine was a big let down. That was basically a flattened chicken breast, served on a plate with a good selection of pizzas as well as high-few olives in a bland sauce (at a quality steaksrestaurant price). Try The bestilla was ok but the house specialtypastry was undercooked. EL JAMIL, a Lebanese restaurant in the ''Pulpon Uruguayo''same area, and a pizza with shrimp as a starter if you're hungrydoes far better food than this. It is also on Amsterdam but about 500 meters towards Alvero Obregon road.</eat>
*<eat name="El 10" alt="El 'Diez'" address="Alfonso Reyes 66, Col. Condesa" directions="cross street Cosala" phone="+52 55 5553 0734" url="" hours="Daily 1PM-11PM" price="" lat="" long="">Argentinian cuisine run by an Argentine owner, very good food at a very reasonable price. The bar is very popular at night.</eat>
*<eat name="el ocho" alt="" address="Ozuluama 14Avenida México, Col. Condesa" directions="between cross streets Nuevo León and Amsterdam" phone="+52 55 5211 9010, +52 55 5211-9015" url="" hours="Su-W 8AM-Midnight, Th-Sa 8AM-1AM" price="" lat="" long="">This hip cafe has some good food and a pervasive retro look. Billing itself as a "''cafe recreativo''", it's got sudoku and word searches on the placemats, and pencils and scratch paper on every table; help yourself to the wall of board games and magazines.</eat>
*<eat name="Familia Brito" alt="" address="Insurgentes Sur" directions="cross street Medellin, in the Edificio Canada" phone="" url="" hours="Daily" price="$60-150" lat="" long="">Family-run Cuban restaurant, good food at reasonable prices. Menus include a generous main dish and a small dessert, drinks are extra. On Sundays, there's a sidewalk barbecue.</eat>
*<eat name="Frutos Prohibidos" alt="" address="Amsterdam 244, Col. Condesa" directions="cross street Michoacán" phone="" url="" hours="Daily" price="$80-120" lat="" long="">This fast-food place serves rolled sandwiches using flat thin white bread. Wide choice of salads.</eat>
*<eat name="Green Grass" alt="" address="Nuevo Leon #192, Col. Condesa" directions="between Tlaxcala and Baja California" phone="" url="" hours="Daily" price="" lat="" long="">Fresh salads made to order with fresh greens and other ingredients. Ten locations in D.F. When you're missing fresh veggies, this is the place to go!</eat>
*<eat name="Hookah Lounge" alt="" address="Campeche 284, Col. Condesa" directions="" phone="+52 55 5584 1742" url="" hours="" price="" lat="" long="">Voted "best lounge" in Mexico City. The club serves Middle Eastern food as well as flavored tobacco "hookahs" at your table. The music selection is extremely good ranging from Electro-arabic, to house.</eat>
*<eat name="La UruguayaLitoral" alt="" address="MichoacánTamaulipas #55, Col. Hipódromo Condesa" directions="between Amsterdam and Off Nuevo LeónLeon near Parque España" phone="5286 2015" url="" hours="Daily" price="$150-300" lat="" long="">This restaurant reflects the non-meat side of Uruguayan cuisine, which mostly means pastas and pizzawww. Try the 1 meter pizza if you're a few people, or if you're hungry, the Chivito, a big pile of French fries, eggs, bacon, salad, and seemingly everything else, which is surprisingly good, and cheaprestaurantelitoral.<com/eat> *<eat name="Mama Rosa's" alt="" address="Michoacán and Atlixco, Col. Condesa" directions="" phone="" url="" hours="Daily 1PM-11PM" price="$200-300" lat="" long="">ItalianBeautiful salads, Asianpasta, seafood and Mexican styled dishes of high quality, all presented meats done mostly in a pop-culture package"nuevo mexicano" way. Try the chicken fajitas with tamarind sauceExcellent selection of wines.</eat>
*<eat name="Parilladas Bariloche" alt="" address="Amsterdam, Col. Hipódromo Condesa" directions="on the side of a small roundabout" phone="" url="" hours="Daily" price="$150-250" lat="" long="">This family-run restaurant is one of the cheapest places in the city to have good Argentinian/Uruguayan food. Start with some Provolone cheese and ''papas con amor'' (fried potato wedges with the peel still on). If you're hungry, also try the ''filete bariloche'' (for two people, about half a kilo of meat each), the ''bife bufalo'' or the ''arrachera''.</eat>
*<eat name="BB Kfe" alt="" address="Manzanillo, Col. Roma" directions="between Campeche and Coahuila, one block east of Insurgentes Sur" phone="" url="" hours="Mo-Sa 1PM-8PM" price="$40-60" lat="" long="">This small cafe offers excellent food at very low prices until 6PM. A set dinner includes a soup, a salad, a main dish, a small dessert, fruit flavored water, and coffee. The pasta dishes are good and portions are abundant.</eat>
*<eat name="Chie's" alt="" address="Insurgentes Sur''Sobrinos''', Alvaro Obregon 110 (corner Orizaba), Col5264-7466. An offshoot of Primos in Condesa. Roma Sur" directions="between Baja California and Quintana RooThis semi-upscale restaurant serves mostly Mexican food, with interesting variations. They have a block south of Metro Chilpancingo" phone="" url="" hours="Daily 1PM-11PM" price="good brunch/breakfast too, and excellent coffee. Average $80-200" lat="" long="">Cheap per person. * '''Bistro 61''' Obregon 61, corner Merida. Decent dinner and excellent Chinese breakfasts, service at times disappointing (enthusiastic but disorganized). Solid and good-priced dinner specials, as well as pleasant open-air atmosphere (can be chilly in coldest times of winter). * '''Mog''' Obregon 40. Tasty authentic japanese foodat good prices in a very warm, mostly Cantoneserandomly decorated place. A nice spot to hang out and have a drink or coffee/tea also. Impressive tea selection. * '''Taqueria Los Chamorros''' Merida 124. This restaurant has great, but authentic Mexican food. I got the enchiladas with original twistschicken, the green sauce was very tasty and the chicken was cooked well.  * '''Café Deriz''' Merida 132. This is a quirky little café, the back looks like a house kitchen while the front has a relaxed café vibe. I had the chilaquiles, the tortilla chips were nicely fried, the green sauce had a great limey flavor and there wasn’t too much sour cream.  * '''Restaurante Rodeo ''' Merida 184. If I went here for breakfast almost everyday I was in Mexico City. Try the owner/chef SrHuevos Al Festin. Chie Although the dish is there himselfrich, expect to be told what to orderit is amazingly good. It’s basically scrambled eggs with a chipotle cream sauce, a side of bread with white cream sauce and to be literally spoon-fed at bacon. It tastes sinfully delicious. If you’re looking for something lighter try the table. Accept his recommendationshuevos rancheros, as they are always excellent; however his heavily accented Spanish can be hard to understandalso very good. as a relaxed café vibe. Try I had the chilaquiles, the "Chinese tacos"tortilla chips were nicely fried, the green sauce had a great limey flavor and there wasn’t too much sour cream.  * '''Pizza Pepino''' Morelia 33. This is a very cool pizza place, plenty of 1950’s American ambiance inside, if its football season you can watch all of the chicken in lime games on their tvs. The pizza itself is very good, its thin crust with a semi sweet sauce, the crust is crispy and the toppings are plentiful.</eat>
*<sleep name="Hostel 333" alt="" address="Colima 333, above American Apparel, very near Av. Oaxaca. Durango MetroBus and Sevilla Metro stations are very near. This is a brand new hostel located in Roma Norte, very near Condesa. There is a fabulous rooftop terrace and the facilities are cleaned daily. 24 hour reception and the staff is very knowledgable about contemporary life in the city." directions="" phone="" url="" checkin="" checkout="" price="108-14usd18usd" lat="" long=""></sleep>
*<sleep name="Bed &amp; Breakfast Mexico" alt="" address="Durango 145, Col. Roma" directions="corner of Tonalá" phone="" url="" checkin="Dec. 6, 2009" checkout="Dec.8, 2009" price="" lat="" long="">The staff at this hostel is what people remember long after their stay. Staff will come to the airport to pick you up for free when you arrive, and their friendliness and attentiveness continues throughout your stay. There is wifi access and breakfast and linen is included in the price.</sleep>
*<sleep name="Hippodrome Hotel" alt="" address="" directions="" phone="" url="" checkin="" checkout="" price="" lat="" long="">Boutique hotel offering a historic landmark and luxurious accommodations.</sleep>
*<sleep name="Hostel Condesa Chapultepec" alt="" address="Cozumel #53-A Col. Roma Norte (between Colima and Durango)" directions="3 blocks from Sevilla´s subway station" phone="(+52 55) 52-11-10-24" url="" checkin="" checkout="12:00rs" price="12usd" lat="" long=""></sleep>
*<sleep name="Casa Lula" alt="" address="La Condesa" directions="" phone="" url="" checkin="" checkout="" price="" lat="" long="">Casa Lula is a petite, artistic international zen guesthouse in the heart of La Condesa for short to mid term stays. Great location, great home, great people!</sleep>
*<sleep name="The Red Tree House" alt="" address="Culiacan 6, Col. Condesa" directions="Culican between Amsterdam and Nuevo Leon" phone="52 55 5584-3829" url="" checkin="" checkout="" price="" lat="" long="">16 beautiful units surrounding a peaceful courtyard. Rooms are reasonably priced and stylishly decorated. Many also have terraces. Breakfast includes the usual items plus a typical Mexican breakfast delicacy. Owners are friendly and very helpful with travel tips and assistance in arranging tours, etc.</sleep>
*<sleep name="Condesa Haus" alt="" address="Cuernavaca 142 Col. Condesa" directions="2-3 blocks from Patriotismo Metro" phone="310-622-4825" url="" checkin="" checkout="" price="$85-$150" lat="" long="">Condesa Haus is a lovely building of 8 suites and rooms near the Patriotismo Metro station. Each accomodation is beautifully and stylishly decorated, and the staff are wonderful. Special discount (no tax or fees) if you pay cash.</sleep>
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