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==Get out==
* '''[[North Dakota]]''' - Montana's northeastern neighbor is America's least visited state, but its isolation provides opportunities for uncrowded visits to the state's hills and lakes, badlands, plains, and old frontier forts. * '''[[South Dakota]]''' - Home to such natural and cultural wonders as [[Badlands National Park]], [[Wind Cave National Park]] and [[Mount Rushmore]], Montana's southeastern neighbor offers a surprising amount for travelers to see and do.* '''[[Wyoming]]''' - Most of [[Yellowstone National Park ]] is in [[Wyoming]]Montana's southern neighbor, so you'll obviously not just want to visit the small section that's in Montana. Wyoming has many other scenic beauty as well, as does * '''[[Idaho]] to the west''' - Montana's western neighbor is a rugged state, with snow-capped mountains, whitewater rivers, forests, high desert, and the plenty of wilderness.* '''[[Canada|CanadianBritish Columbia]] provinces ''' - Crossing the state's northwestern border into Canada leads into the mountainous terrain of [[southeastern British Columbia]], . * '''[[Alberta]], & [[Saskatchewan]] that border Montana ''' - This Canadian province is located to the north. The plains states of [[North Dakota]] Montana and offers everything from the beauty of the Rockies to the serene flatness of prairie to the wilderness of the northern forests.* '''[[South DakotaSaskatchewan]] are ''' - Located to the eastnortheast of Montana, the southern portion of Saskatchewan is predominantly prairie (with a reputation for being very flat) known for its seemingly endless fields of wheat. 

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