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South America

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Besides, the work of man has also left rare gems on the continent: ruins of ancient civilizations ([[Machu Picchu]] and other Inca cities; the ''Moais'' in Easter Island) share the continent with world-class metropolises ([[São Paulo]], [[Buenos Aires]], [[Bogotá]], [[Caracas]], [[Lima]] and [[Rio de Janeiro]]), outstanding modern architecture ([[Brasilia]]), European architecture ([[Buenos Aires]]), the oldest rock paintings in the Americas (at the [[Serra da Capivara]]), strong [[Africa]]n heritage (in [[Salvador]], Rio and Montevideo), genuine indigenous ([[Belém]], [[Manaus]], [[Cuzco]], [[Lima]], [[La Paz]]), charming cities built in the Andes ([[Caracas]], [[Medellín]], [[Quito]], [[Santiago de Chile]]) and [[East Asia|Eastern]] culture (São Paulo's enormous [[Japan]]ese community), mingled with the fingerprints of [[Iberia]]n colonizers. [[Ushuaia]], the world's southernmost city and some of its biggest festivities, such as Rio's Carnival and Belem's ''Cirio de Nazaré'', the Tango World Championship, and the Vendimia festival in Argentina, are also part of this incredibly diverse and attractive continent.
 '''The facts about South America''' which must be known:
1. The Driest place on earth is the Atacama Desert, in Argentina. It’s a place with virtually no vegetation; in some parts of Atacama Desert, it has never rained.
2. Highest peak of South America, Aconcagua, is also in Argentina. It is 22,834 feet high.

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