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South America

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*From '''Asia''': Be prepared for a very long journey, especially if your itinerary includes connecting flights to travel to/beyond the major Asian and South American hubs. In addition to the aforementioned Malaysian Airlines flight to [[Buenos Aires]] (which does of course originate and terminate in [[Kuala Lumpur]]), there is a Japan Airlines service from [[Tokyo]]-Narita to [[Sao Paulo]] (via [[New York City|New York]]-JFK) and a Korean Air route between [[Seoul]]-Incheon and [[Sao Paulo]] (via [[Los Angeles]]). Do note that the Malaysian Airlines flight makes 2 stops en route, while the latter options involve a stop in the [[United States]] that will require all passengers, including those in transit, to pass through U.S. customs. Air China will restart flights between [[Beijing]] and [[São Paulo]] , via Madrid, in December 2009. If practical, consider the non-stop Emirates flight from [[Dubai]] to [[Sao Paulo]], currently the only direct link between the Asian and South American continents.
*From '''Australia, New Zealand''', and the '''South Pacific''': A somewhat surprising number of options exist. Both Aerolineas Argentinas and LAN (Chile) Airlines serve [[Auckland]] and [[Sydney]] from their respective hubs at [[Buenos Aires]] and [[Santiago]], while Qantas will introduce introduced a non-stop service between [[Sydney]] and [[Buenos Aires]] from on November 24 2008. LAN (Chile) also operates one of the world's most obscure flights of all - a service linking [[Santiago]]-[[Easter Island]]-[[Tahiti]].
*From '''Europe''': The entire South American continent once lived under European colonial rule, and the resultant political, social, and economic ties between former colonies and colonizers remain quite strong even today. Portuguese flag carrier TAP Airlines is by far the leading foreign carrier to Brazil, serving a slew of destinations in North and East [[Brazil]] as well as the Brazilian capital [[Brasilia]] which otherwise have only limited or absolutely no other international connections. Spanish flag carrier Iberia flies to most of the former Spanish colonies, although neither [[Bolivia]] nor [[Paraguay]] are served. KLM flies between [[Amsterdam]] and [[Suriname]] and Air France links [[Paris]] with [[French Guiana]]. Of course, such services are not exclusive - KLM also flies to [[Lima]], TAP to [[Caracas]], Air France to [[Rio de Janeiro]], etc. Other leading European airlines such as British Airways, Lufthansa, Swiss Airlines, and Alitalia also serve key South American gateways from their respective hubs, while South American airlines also operate into several major European cities as well.
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