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'''Linköping''' [] (pronounced ''"Linshooping"'') is [[Sweden]]'s fifth biggest municipality. It is located in the northern part of the [[Götaland]] region and is the capital of [[Östergötland]] county. It has about 135,000 inhabitants in the municipality, including some countryside, and just under 100,000 in the city proper.
The city has the advantage of being a major city with all that it entails yet retaining the cozy quiet small town feel, largely due to the lack of tall buildings (a result of the military airfield just outside the city).
===By plane===
*'''Skavsta Airport''' [] - Used by Ryanair. Lies 100km north-east of Linköping. A shuttle bus [ A shuttle bus] (90 min) overland link between central Linköping and Skavsta airport. Departs from the Resecentrum.
*'''Linköping Airport''' [] - Flights almost only to [[Stockholm]], [[Amsterdam]], [[Riga]] and [[Copenhagen]].
==Get around==
===BusBy bus===
All bus lines originate at Resecentrum. You'll also find a reception desk there where you can find timetables or get help. The local bus company is called Östgötatrafiken []. They also run the buses and trains in the rest of [[Östergötland]] and is the cheapest way to get around.

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