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Push for star (audit)
:: Re: prices, my rule of thumb is simple: use the prices that the traveller will encounter. For Bali, this means that hotel prices should be in dollars ("$25"), but most other prices should be in rupiah ("Rp XXX") [[User:Jpatokal|Jpatokal]] 11:28, 10 November 2009 (EST)
::: Thanks Jani. I have been kind of using that policy and will tighten it up when editing. I think hotels that charge in dollars should be listed here in dollars as you say. But the ones that charge in rupiah should be listed in rupiah. And there are some (especially in Amed where all the hotel owners seem to be European) who charge in euros. It does not take a genious to convert rates for comparison, so I think it is best to list the currency that is used in each hotel's official published rates. And I do think it should be shown as US$ and not $ to remove any possible confusion (especially for Australians make up a huge percentage of visitors to Bali. --[[User:Burmesedays|Burmesedays]] 12:12, 10 November 2009 (EST)

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