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'''Foligno''' (pronounced Foleenio) is a city in central [[Umbria]] in Italy.
Foligno is an important rail center and one of the more most industrialized towns of [[Umbria]]. It was subjected to severe Allied bombing in World War II, which destroyed many buildings and explains its relatively modern appearance. It is one of the very few Umbrian cities that is not a hill town, being built on a plain first drained during Roman times. [[Image:Foligno cathedral.jpg|thumb|right|250px|Facade of Foligno cathedral]]
The First Edition of Dante’s ''Divine Comedy'', which was also the first printed book in Italian, was printed in Foligno in 1472.
Pork, Pork and more Pork
*<sleep name="Residence Menotre" alt="" address="Via del Bosco, Rasiglia" directions="18 km from Foligno, direction Colfiorito" phone="+393351264096" email ="[email protected]" url="" checkin="4 p.m." checkout="10 a.m." price="€ 300 per week" lat="" long="">Three self-catering apartments in an ancient stone tower situated in the small village of Rasiglia. Hand-weaving demonstrations, olive oil tastings.</sleep>
*<sleep name="Hotel Poledrini" alt="Hotel Poledrini Foligno" address="Viale Mezzetti 3, Foligno (PG)" directions="" phone="+39-0742-341041" email ="[email protected]" url="" checkin="15:00" checkout="11:00" price="50" lat="" long="">Poledrini Hotel is a Three-star hotel in the centre of Foligno. Is the ideal place a business or leisure trip.</sleep>

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