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A possible solution
: Yes, I like it. Of course I would like the other default, but either way I am happy. And it should be trivial to reverse if we get problems. The cookie is fine. I would also like to be able to set it in my user preferences (like skins are set now) as I use many different computers. --[[User:Elgaard|elgaard]] 05:04, 7 Oct 2005 (EDT)
::Unfortunately Cache404 takes the skin preference out of the realm of user preferences, which is part of the point of this whole exercise. I'd like to be able to set the skin in the user pref as well, but it just doesn't work. -- [[User:Mark|Mark]] 05:20, 7 Oct 2005 (EDT)
== Request ==
Hi, Sorry to bother you, would you consider uploading your image "Image:PalermoGesu.jpg" to the Wikipedia commons with an appropriate copyright tag, as I would really love to use it for an article I am writing here []. If you don't want to - no problems, but it's a great photo and would help define 17th century Sicilian architecture very well. You can find me here [] Thanks - Giacomo
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