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[[Image:Rakvere-town-square.jpg|thumb|200px|The new modern town square in Rakvere]] '''Rakvere''' [] is Estonia’s fifth largest city and situated in northern, 20 km south of the Gulf of Finland and approximately 100km east of [[Tallinn]], [[Estonia]]. Its earliest signs of human settlement date back to the 3rd-5th century.  
Rakvere is an attractive and rapidly developing town with quite an interesting character, for example, Rakvere is the place where the first Estonian Punk Song Festival took place. It’s also the host to the well-known international rock music festival “Green Christmas.” Since 1994, a biannual international theatre festival, called Baltoscandal has taken place in the unique, friendly and slightly crazy atmosphere of Rakvere. So it’s no wonder, that the motto of Rakvere is “full of power”.
===By bus===
Rakvere has a regular bus connection to [[Tallinn]], [[Tartu]], [[Narva]] and to a number of other cities. Buschedules Bus schedules can be found at Bussireised Bussireisid [].
===By train===
Edelaraudtee AS[] runs a Tallinn-Narva train which stops in Rakvere.
GoRail[] also operates the Tallinn-[[Moscow]] line with a stop in Rakvere.
==Get around==
*'''Tourist Information Centre''', Laada tn 14, 44310 Rakvere. E-mail: [mailto:[email protected] [email protected]], tel +372 324 27 34, fax +372 324 27 34. ''Hours: Sat-Sun 9-15.''
The Public transport buses are operated by GoBus Rakvere – there are a total of 4 bus lines.
[[Image:Rakvere-castle-ruins.jpg|thumb|200px|A view to old castle ruins]] * '''Sculture Sculpture "Tarvas"''' is located near the old castle ruins. It’s considered to be the largest animal statue in the Baltics.
* '''Rakvere's town square''' is probably the most modern in Estonia.
* '''Kohala Manor'''
* '''The Cement Museum''' in [[Kunda]]
* '''Rakvere Order Castle''' Completed in the first half of the 16th century, this castle is a great place to visit, with concerts, events such as archery, guided tours, the notorious "hell" chamber and you can also eat and drink here, meals are faithful medieval recipes with no potato! (potato was introduced later in the 16th century ; see The Worlds of Christopher Columbus at [])
*<eat name="Inglise Pubi" alt="English Pub" address="Tallina 27" directions="" phone="" url="" hours="" price="" lat="" long="">Local, international, and a wide selection of British beers. Excellent, reasonably priced food. A nice beer garden.</eat>
* '''KÄRA KANTSKära Kants''' Heavy Metal/Rock Bar, in the basement not far of a walk from the castle, popular with bikers and headbangers, has a pool table and a great selection of beer. great atmosphere on weekends but is open all week.
The official Estonian tourism website provides an extensive list of options for accommodation in Rakvere [].
==Get out==
*'''[[Käsmu]]''', small coastal village set in the [[Lahemaa National Park]]
*'''[[Võsu]]''', beach village in [[Lahemaa National Park]]
*'''[[Jõhvi]]''', town in the centre of Ida-Viru county
*'''[[Tallinn]]''', the capital of Estonia
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