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[[Image:Plymouth Notch.jpg|thumb|300px|The Green Mountain State]]'''Vermont''' [] is located in the [[New England (United States of America)|New England]] region of the [[United States]]. The Green Mountain State is known for its beautiful fall foliage and its maple syrup. It is a popular destination for hiking and skiing.
Vermont is the second smallest state in terms of population (it has 609626,000 431 residents) and the sixth smallest in geographic area. Lake Champlain, the nation's sixth-largest freshwater body lies at the northwest border with [[New York (state) | New York State]] and [[Canada]]. The state is split east-west by the [[Green Mountains]], which are popular for recreational activities. The eastern border with [[New Hampshire]] is defined by the Connecticut River. Vermont is the only landlocked state in New England which often leads to its often it being short-changed in guides to the region. Its highest point is Mount Mansfield at 4,393 ft, and its lowest point is Lake Champlain, at 95 feet.
The state is extremely rural, its valleys littered with farms. Its largest city is Burlington, pop. 3842,889417. Among the state's major exports are cheese, maple syrup, marble, slate, and granite. Tourism is also a very large industry in Vermont, as skiers travel from Boston, New York, Canada, and elsewhere to ski resorts up and down the [[Green Mountains|Green Mountain]] spine during the winter. In summer, the many bed and breakfasts fill up with couples and families wanting to visit the state's small towns and wild areas. Vermont's autumn foliage is known for being the most spectacular in the country, and possibly the world. It occurs quite early -- usually mid-September to mid-October. The only time that the visitor might try to plan around is "Mud Season" (March-April), when unpaved ground becomes unwalkable undriveable during the thaw. Even Mud Season has its charms, though.
===Natural History===
The [[Appalachian Mountains]] that enfold Vermont were most likely created during the Taconic Orogeny, when the North American plate collided with the African plate approximately 550 to 440 million years ago. The mountains have subsequently been eroded by ice, water, and wind, such that they are rather humble in their current state (they are suspected of having reached the heights of the [[Himalayas]]). Today Vermont is home to many wild habitats and their constituent flora and fauna, including northern deciduous forests, coniferous forests, wetlands, farmlands, powerline greenways, and patches of tundra (most notably on Mount Mansfield). Notable fauna include the black bear, moose, and the pileated woodpecker.
===By plane===
*There are flights to and from Atlanta, Boston, Chicago (O'Hare), New York City (LaGuardia, Kennedy), Newark, Orlando, Philadelphia,Washington DC (Dulles and National), and Detroit to the [[Burlington (Vermont)|Burlington]] International Airport (BTV). It is a small airport, which mostly serves regional jets and turboprops for civilian passenger use.
*[[Rutland (Vermont)|Rutland]] State Airport (RUT) has two flights a day to [[Boston]] Logan and one on weekends.
*Another alternative is the [[Manchester (New Hampshire)|Manchester]] Airport (MHT) in [[New Hampshire]] as it serves as an alternate hub for all of northern [[New_England_(United_States_of_America)|New England]] and is a 2 3 hour or less drive to just about anywhere in Vermont.
*Montreal's Pierre Elliott Trudeau Airport [] ({{IATA|YUL}}) (formerly Dorval Airport) is another alternative.
===By bus===
*Vermont Transit has service to '''Greyhound''', []. Service from [[Boston]], MA, [[Albany_Albany (New_YorkNew York)|Albany]], NY and [[Montreal]], [[Canada]] as well as various other [[New_England_New England]] locations.*'''Megabus''', []. Service to [[Burlington (United_States_of_AmericaVermont)|New EnglandBurlington]] locationsfrom Boston and New York City.*'''Bonanza (''', +1 888) 751-8800 has service . Service from [[New York City|New York]] to [[Bennington]], Vermont.*'''Adventure East (''', +1 718) 601-4707 has service . Service from Manhattan to Vermont ski resorts.*'''Dartmouth Coach (''', +1 800) 637-0123 has service from . Service to [[Hanover_Hanover (New_HampshireNew Hampshire)|Hanover]], NH (convenient to [[White_River_Junction|White River Junction]], VT) to from [[Boston ]] South Station and [http:/Boston/ Logan Airport].
===By boat===
===Skiing and mountain activities===
*'''Ascutney Mountain Resort''', [[Brownsville (Vermont)|Brownsville]], Phone: ''+1 802'' 484-7711, E-mail: [email protected], [].
*'''Bromley''', in [[Manchester (Vermont)]]. []
*'''Burke Mountain''', in [[East Burke]]. []
*'''Jay Peak''', [[Jay]], Phone: ''+1 802'' 988-2611, E-mail: [email protected], [].
*'''Killington Resort''', in [[Killington]].
'''Maple syrup''' products and '''cheddar cheeses''' are the foods for which Vermont is most famous.
There are many outstanding restaurants throughout Vermont that use local produce and participate in the Vermont Fresh Network ([]). Burlington, the largest population center in the state, has the most variety of restaurants, but there are gems hidden even in the smallest towns, like Hardwick and Plainfield. Vermont also offers a variety of ways to see the farm to table connection, from guided tours ([]) of the people and places behind the flavors of Vermont to on-farm lodging ([]).
The northern part of Vermont is close to [[Montreal]]. There are also nearby mountainous areas in [[New York (state)|New York]] (the [[Adirondacks]]), [[New Hampshire]] (the [[White Mountains (New Hampshire)|White Mountains]]), [[Massachusetts]] (the [[Berkshire Mountains|Berkshires]]), and [[Maine]] (the [[Lakes and Mountains|Speckled Mountains]]), all of which have their unique charms.
* '''[[New Hampshire]]''' - Vermont's eastern neighbor is a fiercely independent state that offers the rugged [[White Mountains (New Hampshire)|White Mountains]], idyllic lakes, and a handful of ocean resorts.
* '''[[Massachusetts]]''' - The birthplace of America's revolution, the state's southern neighbor is home to historical towns, the vacation hotspot of [[Cape Cod]], and the always-interesting city of [[Boston]].
* '''[[New York State|New York]]''' - Located west of Vermont, upstate New York is home to the [[Finger Lakes]] region, a popular outdoor and wine-growing area.
* '''[[Quebec]]''' - Vermont's northern neighbor is Canada's French-speaking province, home to a unique culture and distinctly European feel.
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