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==Get around==
Through city and university cooperation, Blacksburg has a nice bus system. It is free to all students who have an ID card. It costs $0.50 for everyone else. On Football Games or other large events, this fee is often hiked up to several dollars for a couple hours before the game starts until half time. After half time for a couple hours after half time, the fees are waived. Blacksburg Transit [].
If you are coming to Blacksburg, it is hard to miss the campus of Virginia Tech, especially the much-photographed Burruss Hall.
The main downtown section is an easy walk from the campus.
Blacksburg is also within an hour's drive from Floyd county[] with its increasingly reknown artist community and growing number of cultural events, such as the annual FloydFest.
Most of the events are within the college student body. To discover more about what's going on, be sure to check out the main internet site for this, Blacksburg Electronic Village[]
Most everything one needs can be found within the town itself, even without many big box
stores around there is still a lot to be found for a very decent price. Stores such as Mish Mish,
Xanadu'sMatrix, and the Common Thread on the Downtown strip provide a very artistic feel to the area.
Every Wednesday and Saturday there is a farmer's market one block off of main street where one can
find local produce as well as goods hand made in the New River Valley. Apart from the shops in
Every summer in late July early August an event called "Steppin' Out" takes place in which Main Street in
Blacksburg is closed off and vendors from the surrounding counties and states come to peddle goods of
all nature. This is a great time to be around for the live music and diverse foods, as well as to
The downtown area caters to a diverse crowd, and there are countless watering holes offering pub fare of varying quality, from the '''Cellar''' and the '''Underground''', which provide a more traditional pub aire, to places like Cabo Fish Taco which regularly feature electronic and breakbeat music acts such as the '''Boogieburg Sound System'''. If one desires a finer dining experience they might want to check out '''Boudreaux's''', '''The Cellar''', '''Gillie's''' and '''Poor Billy's Seafood & Sushi''', which provide diverse cuisine of excellent quality for just a few extra dollars. Locals are fond of '''Mike's Grill''', a small restaurant offering typical (but excellent) American food- burgers, fries, etc. for a reasonable price; while the college crowd can often be found hanging around places such as the '''River Mill''', '''Sharkey's''' or '''Hokie House'''. '''Sheesha''', the local Hookah bar, often features live jazz and afrobeat music, and '''More than CoffeePita Vera''', a Lebanese cafe is another place renowned for their pizza and hummus. '''Greens''' offers inexpensive sushi on Mondays and Wednesdays as well as a variety of other food. Note that the majority of places (if you are looking for inexpensive dining) seem to concentrate on pizza and sandwiches/hamburgers - you will pay approximately double for things which are not.
The area around the New River Valley Mall has many chain restaurants. A few, more upscale establishments can also be found around, such as '''Zeppoli's''' ,'''India Garden''', '''Kabuki's Japanese Steakhouse''' and '''The Farmhouse''' in [[Christiansburg, Virginia]]. For an alternative ethnic specialty, try the Ethiopian take-out at '''The Excellent Table'''.
Go Several Saturdays from late Spring to early Autumn the farmers market '''Blacksburg Farmer's Market''' hosts catered breakfasts and try the ethiopian food and the Sorrel, an ethipioan drinkproduce competitions.
===Bars===Go downtown and follow the crowd.
Go downtown and follow the crowd.==Connect==
===Coffee Shops===A sizable university confined to a small burg has spawned a coffee shop in every nook and cranny, with as much variety (though not as much square footage or musical patronage) as you'd find in any college town. Some favorites among locals and students include '''Bollo's''' (downtown), '''Greenberry's''' (Newman Library, on campus), and '''Our Daily Bread''' (Gables Shopping Center).
A sizable university confined Other easy spots to a small burg has spawned a coffee shop in every nook meet up include the Drillfield on campus and cranny, with as much variety (though not as much square footage or musical patronage) as youthe 'd find in any college ''1st and Main''' shopping plaza at the south end of town.
The hotels in the Blacksburg area generally seem to go from $100 to $150 per night. Disregard the prices quoted on the internet, they are often not reflective of reality. Contact the hotel directly under the pretense of booking a room to find out the actual rates. Book your rooms well in advance as there are frequent events that cause them to fill up.
*'''Comfort Inn Blacksburg Hotel''' 3705 South Main Street, (540) 951-1500]. Close to many area businesses and attractions including the Virginia Tech Campus, The Virginia Tech Corporate Research Center, Radford University, Corning, Montgomery Regional Hospital, the VA / MS Regional college of Veterinary Medicine and the Warm Hearth Village.
*<sleep name="Collegiate Inn of Blacksburg" alt="" address="900 A Prices Fork Road" directions=" " phone="540-552-7001" url="" checkin="4:00" checkout="11:00" price="" lat="" long="">The Collegiate Inn of Blacksburg is located in the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains and is directly across from the Virginia Tech campus. Shopping, banking, recreational and dining locations are within walking distance to the hotel. The hotel is also a short drive to downtown Blacksburg, which makes the Inn convenient to many things to do, all local businesses, and area attractions.</sleep>
===Homes, Condominiums and Apartments=Stay safe==*<sleep name="CollegeweekendsPossessions are very safe in" alt="" address="" directions="" phone="1-800-704-5914" url="http://blacksburg.collegeweekends Purses, wallets and miscellaneous gear are often carelessly left behind and returned to their" checkin="" checkout="" price="" lat="" long=""> is an online platform for connecting visitors of college towns with owners The reputation of short-term 'completely safe' has been marred by two separate shootings and vacation rental propertiesone decapitation, but these are relatively rare occurrences.</sleep>
==Get out==
[[Roanoke]] is quite close.
There is a bus which leaves from in front of Squires Student Center and goes past the Roanoke Airport and on to the city of Roanoke itself. As of the time of this writing (2011) the price for the bus is $4.
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